Petty traders, food sellers petition Zulum over frequent CJTF harassment 


Petty traders, food sellers and craftsmen, including those selling white rice and beans with oil and pepper popularly known as ‘garau garau’ have appealed to Governor Babagana Umar Zulum and BOGIS to intervene on the  frequent raid and seizure of their properties three to four times weekly by some members of CJTF from Bulabilin Sector Command.

They complained that they are lawfully looking for their daily bread as poor citizens of the state since the BOGIS Committee or Task Force headed by Adams Bababe visited their place and did not move them or ask them to leave.

But recently, some members of CJTF from the Bulabilin Sector Command do frequent the place to raid their properties and terrorising them on the excuse that they have been directed to always visit and chase them away.

They complained that they are not in the road, neither are they  obstructing anybody or movement of vehicles along Bola Spare parts road beside the queues of Keke NAPEP operators who are operating even on both sides of the road linking the Bola area at one side beside a the mosque located along the Post Office-Boa Street.

The leaders said they daily pay their taxes as those of the Keke NAPEP operators to MMC revenue  officials, but they still face harassment and confiscation of their sale items to the extent that sometimes, some were charged or tasked to pay little money before they continue with their petty businesses.

They added that they have nothing doing in life apart from the petty businesses to feed their families, pay their children school fees  and take care of their rents among others as poor citizens of Borno state.

They urged the state government to assist them and allow them to continue with their petty businesses for the sake of survival as they have never been found wanting in any crime or offense by the law enforcement agents.

They also noted that they are law abiding citizens, lawfully and legitimately looking for their daily bread peacefully.