Persona non grata

 Dear Di,

Considering the revelation I’d just had, I woke up to the sound of arguing and was a little disoriented. The room looked strange and before I could get my bearing, I heard a familiar voice say, “Would you please keep your voice down. My guest is sleeping.” It was Dapo.
Everywhere was dark. I felt the wall for a switch and smiled with relief when I found one. The room was beautiful when bathed in light. I guessed it was the master bedroom. I had vague recollections of how I got there. I remember I was stuffed and was so sleepy I asked to lie down for a bit.

I went to the mirror and almost screamed. My mascara was smudged, my eyes puffy and my hair was in disarray. I checked my bag to see if I had anything I could use – the result was phenomenal. I couldn’t believe I slept for long again after sleeping for two hours earlier. From the snatches of conversation coming my way, I knew I was about to enter a battle field. I braced myself and made my way to the living room.
“The damsel in distress has decided to grace us with her presence,” the lady facing the door said. Dapo, who was backing me, turned sharply.

“Hey Jas, hope we didn’t disturb you?” he asked, while reaching for my hands.
“No, you didn’t.” I assured him.
He drew me close and gave me a hug. I closed my eyes and smiled because that was what Danny, Nosa and Adrian would do. I opened my eyes and saw the lady giving me dagger stares; truly if looks could kill I would have dropped dead as Dapo hugged me. She noisily cleared her throat and I had to push Dapo away.
“You haven’t introduced your lady friend Dapo,” I chided him.
“Yes, you’re right. I’m not just his lady friend but his fiancée,” she announced angrily. “So you had better start explaining your presence in this house,” she demanded.

Dapo and I stood facing her like two school children who were caught outside their class during school period. After we had gotten over our shock, we exchanged a look, silently asking who would explain. Dapo squeezed my hand to let me know he had the situation in control.
“I don’t mean to embarrass you Tessy, but I honestly can’t remember proposing to you talk less of asking you out. I don’t even want to ask how you found this place. You can’t come in here and disrespect my guest, even after I had let you in and asked you to be quiet because she’s had a tough day. Now if you don’t mind, please leave.” Dapo went outside and called the security guard. We followed him out.

“Femi, let this be the last time you allow this lady into this house. Nobody comes in here except with me. I hope I have made myself clear?”
“Yes sir!” Femi answered and moved towards me.
“Madam, please come and be leaving.”
I could see Dapo restraining himself. I tried hard not to smile.
“At least the man has the sense to know who to embarrass,” Tessy remarked, folding her arms over her chest as if to say she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Jas, please could you go inside,” Dapo asked with clenched teeth. He literally dragged Femi by his ears and pushed him lightly towards the gate.
“Now Tessy, leave my house.” I could barely make out what he said behind the window where I had pushed aside the curtain to watch. If the girl was wise she would leave, I told myself. She proved to be wise as she hissed, came back in to get her bag and left.

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