Pensioners barricade FAAN Hq over pensions adjustment

Members of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners NUP, FAAN branch, Tuesday morning barricaded the headquarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria following what they said is the inability of the management to pay them their Consequential Pension Adjustment CPA.

The general secretary of NUP FAAN branch, Comrade Emeka Njoku said the issue has been a prolong one between FAAN management and pensioners with several meetings held without any result.

Njoku noted, that at one of the meetings it was agreed between both parties that the issue of the Consequential Pension Adjustment will be paid on or before September 30, 2021, but explained that FAAN has refused to pay without any response on the matter.

“As we speak, they have not paid and have received no response from the management as to what is delaying the payment or giving us time as to when they are going to implement it. We have not got any response hence we asked our members to come to the headquarters express their anger”

Njoku explained that their colleagues in other ministries have been paid their CPA and wondered what was holding FAAN

He warned that if at the end of October, that FAAN failed to pay with arrears that there will be a nationwide protest.

Njoku said the CPA was a presidential approval that affected both pensioners and workers as President Muhammadu Buhari has signed it as an Act which every Organisation was mandated to implement.