PDP won’t implode, crisis a family affair, Atiku’s associates tell APC

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The national leadership of Atiku People United (APU), a new independent movement and advocacy group for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar presidential bid, has admonished well meaning Nigerians not to be disturbed with the current misunderstanding  rocking the main opposition party, saying those waiting for PDP to implode will wait till eternity. 

APU is a South-west based movement comprises of old and new associates of Atiku Abubakar, working to deliver winning votes in 2023.

In a statement released Sunday in Abuja by the PDP South-west Secretary and the coordinating leader of APU, Hon Rahman Owokoniran, said “the misunderstanding chieftains of PDP is only a family affair that will be resolved at the fullness of time.”

The statement signed by Pastor Kayode Jacobs, on behalf of the coordinating leader of APU, explained that all those in the middle of the disagreement are critical stakeholders of PDP, “who will be  carrying the party flag in one election or the other in 2023. And the very few not directly contesting have major candidates of personal interest in the election.

“The issues at stake is about democratic rights of all concerned and not about fighting for the Soul of the Party. We have no doubts that at the fullest of time, necessary sacrifices will be made to unite the party.

“Those waiting for PDP to implode will wait till eternity, especially the All Progressive Congress and others waiting to reap from the imbroglio.”

According to the statement, Nigerians are waiting for PDP to rescue the nation from “the irresponsive and irresponsible grip of APC.

“As for us in APU, we are touched by the prayers of average Nigerians and the deep concern shown across the nation, that PDP may be one.

“Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, his running mate Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and the entire leadership of the Party are not unaware of the expectations of Nigerians and will for no reason disappoint in the responsibility to ensure that APC’s bad memory does not fester and is forever deleted from our political space.”

The group advised the ruling APC to face the crises it has created in the polity on economy, education and seçurity, instead of spending all the time to poach on aggrieved PDP members. 

“Soon and very soon, PDP will come out strong and very united to deliver Nigeria from the lackluster governance imposed on Nigerians by Political bandits and lying gangs called APC. 

“We will surely unite to unify Nigeria and make our nation strong again” Rahman Owokoniran enthused.