PDP convention

Twitter handles, Facebook walls and other social media spaces on which Nigerians ally are always awash with ‘comments’ on the socio-political and economic stance of the country. Last week was the convention of the country’s main opposition party, PDP. There were many comments before, during and after the convention. Here are some of them.

Shuaibu Usman
I hope that the convention gives a life for PDP to become APC’s watchdog. As things are now, we are doomed with APC for a lack of viable opposition in Naija.

Emmanuel Emmanuel Udoh
The scare is that most people within and outside wants a better country. They see PDP as the only alternative for now . And hoping they get it write. I have campaigned and voted for PDP as long as I could remember with the hope that the party sets things aright in this nation.

Gimba Ndaaba
As known with PDP for 17 years, the convention is a show of shame

B. M. Dzukogi
PDP CONVENTION: if there was a unity list, so what? You got to learn the rudeness of democracy. The emergence of the unity list was only a mere pronouncement of the inside permutations of the actors. It’s allowed. Isn’t it?
Meanwhile, did Wike spend those billions? Choi!

Sadiq Usman
The inglorious outcome of the PDP convention is tantamount to gifting the next presidency back to APC. It has become glaringly apparent that PDP is beyond unity for the rest of it’s natural existence. In my candid opinion I believe the wrath of Nigerians especially the power & potency of the curses of the thousands of ravaged victims of insurgency will never allow PDP reunite again. Their divine doom is simply self inflicted

Hassan Abdullah
Since the aftermath of the PDP national convention, I have been seeing comments by leaders of the former ruling party such as “APC is destroying Nigeria, APC is this, APC is that”, etc. And I have been wondering if some of these PDP leaders actually know the differences between destruction and rehabilitation. Because if they actually know, then I’m sure they wouldn’t have been describing what the APC has been doing since assumption of power as destruction. In fact, they would have been so much ashamed of themselves such that they won’t have been accusing other people of destroying Nigeria. Because what Nigeria passed through during their sixteen years reign is what can best be described as destruction and not what the country is now undergoing under the APC led government.
For example, at some point under the PDP, particularly under the insensitive and clueless GEJ, detonation of explosive devices (bombs) at public places by bokoharam became a daily occurrences. But since the APC took over power from them, it now takes months or almost a year before we hear of bomb blast anywhere in the country.
Also, during the PDP era, in spite of the unprecedented corrupt practices being perpetrated by government officials at all levels of government in the country, no single person was ever arrested and brought to book by any PDP led government. Thereby encouraging the daily looting of Nigeria’s wealth by politicians and other public officers unabatedly. On the other hand, the present APC led government through it’s ongoing anti-corruption war, did not only discourage corrupt practices among public officials but have also been recovering the country’s looted and stolen wealths by past and present government officials back to the government coffers.
So with these, I think all PDP leaders lacked the morality to accuse the APC of destroying Nigeria, even though I’m aware of the fact that certain things under the PDP were better than they are right now under the APC government.

Isah Babayo
On PDP convention outcome
Now that Uche Secondus wins as the new PDP Chairman and they were saying it’s an elective convention? The word “ELECTION” never exists in that convention dictionary. It’s rather selection and adoption, as simple as that.
Indeed in every election (if any); “No victor, no vanquished”. And we must all agree with destiny but the manipulations therein are quite alarming and worrisome. A party that is trying to resurrect, rebuild, reform and whatnot in order to reclaim its lost glories, but is yet to visibly understands its past mistakes.
Secondus is capable of leading any political party. He is a grassroot politician. It’s not only the ability to lead the PDP that is required at this crucial time. It requires a leader who can bring unity, sanity, level playing field, oneness and togetherness in the party and i don’t think Secondus is one. This is because;
“PDP leadership wahala started from Secondus. After Fmr National Chairman, Ahmed Adamu Muazu resigned from his position as the PDP National Chair, Secondus as then deputy occupied the seat for three months on acting capacity pending the nomination of any Northeasterner to complete the tenure of the resigned Nat’l Chair since the position was zoned to the Northeast. But, Secondus occupied the position like he was the substantive chairman and exceeded the said 3months of acting capacity until when Fmr Political Adviser to Jonathan, Ahmed Gulak took the matter to court then Secondus was asked to vacate and pave way for somebody from the northeast and that was how Modu Sheriff emerged. This was how the drama started”.
Today, Secondus has a second coming, tell me if PDP is not back to base. The peace the party enjoys under Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee, hardly can the party enjoy same under this very new leadership.
For democracy to thrive, viable oppositions must be in place but let me give Secondus’s new NWC a benefit of the doubt.

Ify Asia Chimeziem
A tin of milk is now 300 naira. This is what APC should focus on, not on PDP’s convention.

Nasir Abdullah
Welcome development indeed and it shows the pdp can’t put their greed aside and learn the bitter lesson, with emerging of Secondus as chiaman I am expecting the business to be as usual or even worse. As lamented let give him a second chance.

Mustapha Adam
I think PDP are not ready and committed to form a vibrant opposition, looking at the process the convention was held you may conclude that the party has lost it glory.

Idrissa Hassan Adamu
With election of Secondus as chairman PDP is dead and even buried.no need for APC to even campaign come 2019 they have already won the election.

Bello Total
Am so disappointed! A person like Secondus is not even supposed to be one of the contendants..This proves to me that PDP is not ready to take over even by 2023..
I pity Nigerian Masses, cos they will continue to suffer under PMB and his hash policies… Allah Ya Kawo mana sauki Mal. Isah

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