Passengers stranded in transit as Kaduna-Abuja train breaks down

Passengers were stranded, Friday evening, for hours in the bush, as the Kaduna-Abuja train broke down on its way to Abuja.

A video circulated on social media showed passengers taking fresh air outside the train, while the train’s fault was being attended to.

The two hours journey to Abuja, according to information gathered by Blueprint, eventually took more than four hours to be completed.

In the video, an unknown passenger said the train stopped for two hours at an unknown location and that forced most passengers to get off for fresh air.

The Manager of Rigasa Train station, Malam Aminu Ibrahim, who confirmed the incident on phone, said the incident was a mere mechanical fault, which is normal for any engine.

He however said the fault had since been rectified and the train has since resumed its normal operation.

“What happened is a normal thing, it was a mechanical fault. As you know, mechanical fault is normal for any engine. But, it has since been fixed and we have since resumed our normal operation. In fact, we have ran all our schedules today,” he said. 

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