Our political process contributes to insecurity – Monarch

The Gomo of Kuje, Alhaji Haruna Tanko Jibrin, has said that the cumulative effects of the escalating security challenges are worrying signals that the political process is not functioning in a manner guaranteed to reduce the problem.

He made this known Wednesday  in his palace in  Kuje while speaking to Blueprint on the security situation in Nigeria. 

Gomo said:  “Ordinarilly, traditional rulers like us would take comfort in the belief that God Almighty has rewarded our own past endeavours with successors who should worry over matters of national security, the state of economy and governance generally. 

“It would have been their lot to fine solution to the problems that confront  people today and ours would have been to pray for them and where necessary, offer general advice and prayers.” 

He decried the deteriorating state of the economy, particularly in the north which is exposing it to increasing crises and the appearance of a widening gulf between and within communities that make up the country. 

“I have no doubt that most of us have been engaging in serious discussions and other activities on the challenging circumstances which the north in particular and the nation general finds itself. 

“Even as we speak, there are many patriotic and concerned Nigerians like us who are engaged in the search for ways out of problems. This is more acute in the north where deficit in cohesive leadership and a weakening economy is living out of a framework which will give them hope that they are not condemned to a life of fear, poverty and hopeless. 

“Therefore, I see this as one of such efforts being made by many other Nigerians to improve our capacities as a nation, in a bid to find lasting solution to our current and future problems.”

The monarch said several forums were convened to help put ideas, perspectives and suggestions which will enhance a better understanding of the nature of our problems, particularly in the north and how they affect and are in turn affected by the wider environment. 

Gomo stated that the most visible security challenge today is of the Boko Haram insurgency, but this treat has major linkage with the economic and social environment.

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