Oronsanye report: At last, Reps send crucial message to Tinubu 


The House of Representatives has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to comprehensively review the the 2012 Orosanye Report, the Goni Aji Report which reviewed it, the White Paper released by the President Jonathan administration, the Ama Pepple White Paper and the Ebele Okeke White Paper in line with current realities, before implementation.

President Tinubu recently indicated interest to implement the recommendations as contained in the report, but the House on Thursday cautioned it should be done in a manner which at the same time would have minimum unintended consequences, impacts, implications and outcomes.

A motion to that effect was jointly sponsored by Hon. Kama Nkemkanma, Hon. Olumide Osoba, and Hon. Jonathan Gaza Gbefwi, recalling that after the committee’s report, the White Paper committee set up by Jonathan’s administration rejected most of the recommendations, while those accepted were not implemented.

According to the lawmakers, “the full implementation of a report 12 years after it was first made, which ordinarily may be described as outdated, especially because of how dynamic the society, economy, polity, technology and all facets of our national life has been” may not be okay without a thorough review.

They said contrary to the assumption that the full implementation of the report would reduce cost of governance, with the current realities, the full implementation of the report will not substantially reduce the cost of governance as it does not reflect the current situation in the Public Service of the Federation.

They expressed worries that the full implementation of 2012 Oronsaye report in 2024 will certainly throw up unintended consequences, implications and outcomes, even as the House is committed to supporting all positive actions and policies of the President Tinubu’s administration.