Only genuine anti-corruption fight’ll save Nigeria – Expert

A political scientist, Abiodun Adebayo Israel Adebanjo has said Nigeria will remain a corrupt nation unless relevant government agencies saddled with the responsibility to fight corruption genuinely do so, without fear or favour.

He made this statement on the occasion of the National Chronicle annual lecture/convocation and conferment of honorary doctorate degree award in public administration in collaboration with the Cornerstone University Jerusalem, Israel in Abuja, Saturday.

Abiodun spoke on “Trends of conventional corruption in Nigeria since independence till-date and it’s implication on unemployment, insecurity and national development: The way forward.”

He said corruption has affected every segment of the Nigerian society and unless the anti-graft organisations do something differently, Nigeria will continue to suffer as a result of corruption.

The guest speaker said Nigerians must be reminded that the task is for everyone, particularly the civil society to fight against corruption in the national life.

He said corruption is inimical to the progress and development of any country since it fuels unemployment and insecurity.

He explained that “corruption takes resources away from the productive segments of the economy into white elephant projects, thereby creating micro economic disequilibrium.”

He stressed that “Without genuine fight against corruption, unemployment will continue to increase in Nigeria and insecurity will pervade the polity.”

Abiodun called on the federal government to inculcate what he called ‘patriotic mindset’ in every individual, group or association by collaborating with the academia, anti-graft agencies and civil society organisations “with a view to developing anti-corruption curriculum, which should be taught in our schools and all government ministries, department and agencies.”

In his welcome remark, the Country Representative, Cornerstone University, Jerusalem, Dr. Godwin Nyitse, implored the awardees to be good ambassadors and contribute to nation building.