On street kids

Hunger has eaten deep into the children in the street. Health and security of those children are no longer our priority.

The governments keep mum over the whole situation. Our streets are full of school age children who are denied the right to education. Children who are to be under the care and shelter of their parents, but here they are, struggling to survive in the street with nobody to care and caress them.

People tend to abuse such kids on the street for money rituals and other illegal activities.

Some of these kids indulge in hard labour and criminal acts just to get their bodies and souls up. Go to our motor parks, they are there. You see them in our untidy areas, barefooted and wearing shameful shirts.

No one cares for their untreated and stinky wounds. The children cry for justice and fairness from the government; heartfelt cry of the poor kids. They deserve our attention to attain their potential.

Kushi Daniel Friday,

Department of Mass Communication,

Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi,

Bauchi state