Of BSc and HND dichotomy

The days of picayune arguments between BSc and HND certificates still linger. We hope it would have waned, especially in an era where a secondary school certificate holder controls 200 million people, and primary school leavers control businesses with millions breathing in their accounts. It, however, seems extrinsic debate is a core meal Nigerians can’t take off their table.

BSc holders pump shoulders in air; in boast of ranks, accreditations, quality lecturers, almighty structures, recognitions and listless criteria that make them feel unrivaled. HND holders sog lips in praises of their technicalities, reputations, affordability, merits, and other laudable qualities to high heavens.

Practicality rather than theory – especially in courses like Accountancy, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering and sorts, fuels HND holders’ belief, that they are what Nigeria currently needs to further her economic and technological developments. BSc holders would ”counterfeel”, reminding their challengers of researches and accreditations that have been of unmeasurable pride to Nigeria – especially her academic settings that HND holders also benefit from.

Nigerian government and companies have dashingly played to this unnecessary gallery, with opportunities and regards they have given BSc holders over HND holders like employment, renumerations, career promotions. For example, HND holders were formerly employed with Grade Level 7 – GL07 – compared to Grade Level 08 for BSc holders. Yet, they are denied the chance of advancing beyond Grade level 14. Many companies would later emphaside on BSc certificates as if the HND certificates are mere papers.

Oftentimes, who wins the BSc/HND argument depends on the side of the divide on which the debater is. As a BSc holder, I have seen fellow BSc holders, who in their multitude, are wack and stench to the standard of university education. Contrarily, I have seen HND holders who are geniuses and admirations. I have seen it in the other way, too. Which further affirm my stance that genuises are made, not born – regardless of being a BSc holder or HND holder.

Serial strikes from ASUU and ASUP that had beset the academic calendar of both universities and polytechnics, the favouritism, sex for grade, among other immoralities, that have eaten deep, the decay of both settings are what I would rather advise both BSc and HND supremacists to channel their daunting energy towards, rather than unwarranted gales.

Both should hold it mindly, that tertiary certificates are rewards of formal learning, zeal and creative thoughts, the real education or supremacy reflects in one’s characters, dealings, integrity and sorts. Many areas of the public sector in Nigeria have been, and currently led by both BSc and HND holders, where massive failure, corruption and embezzlement have unfortunately been reported. Is the supremacy theory effective in checking only glories, and not failures?

While the government seems to have more regard for BSc holders over their counterparts, I would advise the Senate to enact a legislation to end the discrimination, in order to encourage polytechnic graduates and stop killing technical education and confidence.

Hashim Yussuf Amao,
Ibadan, Oyo state
07067797972 [email protected]