Obasanjo, the headmaster

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo will always be remembered for his eight years civilian rule of Nigeria with military tactics that saw many opposition elements manhandled, politically. One needs to remind the general that, he was saved by the military junta of Abdussalami Abubakar when serving life-jail, for his insistence to topple the General Sani Abacha regime through instigating coup. Only God saved Obasanjo’s life.

People like senior master of Nigeria Chief Obasanjo should understand the manner the military of his time (1976 – 1986) muddled the political situation of this great country. Obasanjo, as head the junta from 1976 to 1979, handed over power to the late Alhaji Shehu Aliyu Usman Shagari whom the military toppled in 1984. Obasanjo condemned the best civilian government after that of 1960 – 1966. Obasanjo has naturally become the doctor of letter writing to most of those in power.

Obasanjo was president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. He played his political style of stallion of the then Soviet Union getting at his political enemies. Chief Chuba Okadigbo, Chief Harry Marshall, Alhaji Abubakar Rimi even his vice, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and Jim Nwobodo were dealt with by Obasanjo. His failed third term ambition cannot be forgotten, hence, history will continue to remind Nigerians your political style which negates democratic norms.

Chief Obasanjo has easily forgotten all his political atrocities against Nigeria. One would expect Obasanjo to emulate the likes of former head of state General Yakubu Gowon by being less vocal. Little does the general know that the killing of Nigeria’s local government system was just for his evil third term ambition. I wonder whether Adams Oshiomhole would agree with Obasanjo accusing Nigerian judges. Obasanjo as president appointed civilian governors through rigging.

Obasanjo never liked President Bola Tinubu even when they are of the same tribe. This was evident when Tinubu was governor of Lagos state. In the 2023 elections Obasanjo supported Peter Obi. So, whatever the senior master would say about the Tinubu government cannot be taken seriously. Be kind, Mr Senior Master and now, before it is too late!

Obasanjo was overwhelmingly voted in 1999 as civilian president by largely the North particularly Kano state. But he gifted the North a big blow that resulted in destroying most assets including the Kano industrial area where over 1,200 industries shut down till date. Obasanjo was the beneficiary of the American democracy, having been president for eight years.

Obasanjo, just keep your mouth shut and be gentle. Most former leaders have remained gentle and get the respect they deserve but you always seem to be the only wiseman who pokes his nose unnecessarily. You poke your nose simply to pitch Nigerians against themselves. Remember, you are now an old man who wishes to clock 100 years but hoping it will not be in vain. During your military career when called to duty, it was against your wish but by 1999 – 2007 you wanted to elongate your tenure. Why Sir?

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum,

Kano, Kano state


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