Northern women pretend a lot –Mario Bello


Mairo Bello, after bidding farewell to Nollywood relocated to Kano, where her mother hails from to join the Kannywood industry and also pursue her academics. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, she discusses her passion, relationship and a lot more.

What have you been up to in the last year?

Nothing much. Like I told you before, I left Lagos for Kano, to continue with my acting career. Things are better and decent here because of our religion and culture, things are done here decently.

Why did you decide to visit Blueprint office in Kano?

Firstly, your paper gave me massive publicity last year. I instantly became a celebrity through your paper. It is clean, it communicates decent English and it is tight and well packaged, I just like the paper.

How would you describe yourself?

Well, Mairo Bello, is still slim, cute, tall and has attractive shape. My lips too are one thing I am proud of. I am ambitious, I want to be successful but, I will never act nude or sleep with anybody for role.

Do you believe in sex before marriage?

Its Haram, but this does not mean I am a saint. I try my best to avoid men’s den. I am smart, especially having lived in Lagos. You know life is quite free there, people don’t pretend much.

Our women here pretend a lot, but to be free doesn’t mean one has to be generous with her body. Mairo is as stingy as ever with her body, though I like good things.

Have you ever been a victim of sex-for-role?

I was approached on several occasions for sex for role but I refused. The society today is so dirty that many society women severally approached me for lesbianism.

I hate it, with all emphasis that I am a beautiful and cute woman. I know what God created women for and lesbianism is not part of it.

Are you into any relationship?

Yes, one guy is trying hard to steal my heart but I am still pretending to be hard to get. I will tell him yes, after I satisfy my curiosity about some things.

Tell us the type of man that attracts you?

A man of average height, not fat, even if not handsome. He should not be ugly, does not bleach, does not tell lies, and does not gossip. He must be caring and a one-woman type.

Do you like politics?

I hate it but I like politicians who call a spade a spade like Nasir El-Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu, Muhammadu Buhari, Shehu Sani and Uba Sani. I also like late Sani Abacha, I was told he brought GSM to Nigeria; today one can easily meet friends and communicate through the social media. The world today is like one family, we all meet every minute through the social network.

Tell us your saddest moment?

It was when I saw your picture on Facebook, I said oh, so the reporter who harassed Kannywood girls through rough questions is after all not handsome, but truly kannywood is my best column in your paper.

How about your happiest moment?

It was when Blueprint newspaper published my interview on December 28, 2012. I lost count of phone calls I received. It’s good to be popular, rich and accepted by the society.

I am not rich but Mairo Bello is surely a celebrity today, I will always speak to your paper.

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