Northern coalition seeks action to address insecurity in Africa

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), on Monday, called for action to address the causes of the security challenge in Africa.

The National Coordinator of CNG, Comrade Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi, stated this in Abuja, during the High-Level African Counter-Terrorism conference, to discuss the pressing need for regional cooperation and institution building in order to effectively address the evolving threat of terrorism in Africa.

The conference, with the theme “Building to Address the Evolving Threat of Terrorism in Africa,” gathered various stakeholders, to deliberate on the root causes of the security challenges faced by the region.

Charanchi expressed their conviction that the government has a deep understanding of the underlying factors contributing to the security problems, such as an ineffective justice system, poor land administration policies, the presence of non-state armed groups, ungoverned spaces, porous borders, and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

The group highlighted the challenges posed by a large youth population lacking in education and skill sets, as well as a governance system that fails to meet the developmental needs of the people.

Charanchi said: “The nation’s security challenges could best be improved as described by the NSA at the convocation ceremony of UDUS through multifaceted approaches, one that marries military, political and socio-economic strategies with robust cross-boarder cooperation, deep community engagement and collaboration among security sector organizations, federal and state governments.

“Distinguish ladies and gentlemen, it is imperative to acknowledge that speeches alone cannot secure our region; we convene here not solely to express intentions; I implore each one of us here present that the time for decisive action has arrived; words unaccompanied by tangible actions are just air in motion; accountability must be the cornerstone for our collective effort; beyond this gathering, beyond this day, our call still remains one: act, implement, and deliver on the commitment made.”

He emphasized that words alone cannot provide security for the region and that accountability should be the foundation of collective efforts.

He urged all participants to act, implement, and deliver on the commitments made during the conference, recognizing that the challenges at hand require immediate and effective solutions.

He highlighted the urgent need for regional collaboration and a commitment to addressing the root causes of terrorism in Africa.

The CNG expressed their determination to work with relevant stakeholders to implement comprehensive strategies and ensure a safer and more secure future for the region.