North Central assembly urges indigenes to shun NLC protest


The Northern Central Consultative Assembly (NOCCA) has called on the people of the North Central states of Nigeria to ignore the anti-government protest being sponsored by the leadership of the Nigerian Labor Congress and slated for 27th and 28th February 2024. 

This was contained in statement by the Director General of the grassroots association, Barrister Alfa Mohammed, 

The statement read, “…the emergency Assembly of the North Central Consultative Assembly (NOCCA) Chaired by its leader, a founding and former member of the People’s Democratic Party’s board of trustees and pioneer Kwara state PDP Chairman, Alhaji Kunle Suleiman Esq, condemns the NLC sponsored anti-government protest, concluding that it is ill motivated and unwarranted. 

“The group notes that NLC under its current leadership became excessively partisan during the last general election, using the congress to trade support for some politicians across the country, such that some foreigners were asking whether the NLC was a registered political party, had lost the moral ground or any credibility to call Nigerian workers out against a government that is already on the round table with the congress, fine-tuning the proposal for the promised new minimum wage for the Nigerian workers, apart from taking bold but promising decisions that visibly indicate that Nigeria will soon overcome its challenges. 

“Now that we in the NOCCA are better informed through various revelations about how the conspiracy of some cabals within the Banking and Finance community, and the nation’s bureaucracy brought Nigeria’s economy to its knees in about the last 4 decades, it is our consensus that Nigeria needs the audacity of a President like Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu fọr it to be able to win the battle to liberate the country’s economy from the strangulating clutches of the forces that over the decades are behind the underdevelopment of Nigeria. 

“We are aware that it is not that these selfish forces are unknown to the successive National leaders, the problem has been that none of them was  able to muster the needed courage as so far exhibited by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to fight the cabals head-on and liberate the country from the enemies. 

“For instance, while President Buhari was able to summon the courage to assent to the legislation ending the fraudulent oil subsidy regime, he could not muster enough courage to put the act in to force while in the office, it was Tinubu that did it on his very first day in the office. 

“Similarly, while former president Goodluck Jonathan acknowledged and identified the monumental rots in Nigerian bureaucracy, and set up a civil service reform panel under the leadership of a former Head of Service of the Federation, Chief Oresonya to do the needfuls, President Goodluck Jonathan failed to summon enough courage to implement the panel’s recommendations before he left office. 

“Similarly, former President Muhammadu Buhari who succeeded President Jonathan also tinkered with the report, but he failed to implement his own government ordered white pay. It is the same President Bola Tinubu that has shown enough courage, patriotism and selflessness to direct the immediate implementation of the Oresonya civil service reform panel report.

“In a situation of this nature, what a bold and selfless President like President Bola Ahmed Tinubu needs from the understanding and appreciative citizens are encouragements, prayers and solidarity Actions, not protests that only amounts to defending the oppressors by the oppressed.

“Although, the North Central is arguably the most affected by the insecurity and other hardships inherited by the current administration, and for which it is still struggling to contain, our awareness of the fierce battle involved in changing the rotten status quo within the corrupt corporate community in our country Nigeria has made it imperative for us to commend and emulate the understanding, patriotism and maturity of our fellow patriots from other zones,  the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, and the Afenifere Social Cultural Group who have called on their people in the South East and the South West geopolitical zones respectively to shun the NLC sponsored anti government protest. 

“Hence, we call on our people in the North Central states to shun the NLC sponsored anti-government protest as announced by the current NLC leadership.”