No foreigner can solve Nigeria’s economic problems – NES

The President, Nigerian Economic Society (NES) Prof. Abiola Adenikinju, has stated that only Nigerians, especially experts can proffer solutions the current challenges facing the nation.

He said no foreign expert whatsoever have the needed depth to be able to see Nigeria out of the economic quagmire.

In an exclusive chat with Blueprint on Monday in Abuja, Prof. Adenikinju therefore called on the federal government to set up an economic team made up of experts who knows their onions to brainstorm and evolve solutions to the present situation that has defiled all efforts.

According to him, the team would be able to research deep into the current situation and evolve new strategies that will assist the government ensuring that vulnerable Nigerians are given comfort.

He expressed regret that things have gone bad that Nigerians are beginning to protest and that the government seem to be insensitive to the growing plight of citizens.

“The Nigerian Economic Society is to the economy what the medical doctor is to the health sector of the economy and so on, the economic management team can turn the situation around for the better if given the opportunity.

The team should be made up of stakeholders and experts who will contribute meaningfully to quickly move the country out of where we are now because inflation has taken a worsening dimension, what of the naira exchange rate to the US Dollar, we cannot continue like this.”

He maintains that Nigeria was still poor because the right policies have not been implemented despite the huge human and natural resources among other endowments.

Prof. Adenikinju charged the government to deploy all resources into addressing the current problems on a short term while working to implement other economic programmes on the long term as he insistred that “Nigeria is in an economic emergency now.”