NLC threatens mass action over Boko Haram

yesterday said it would not hesitate to mobilise workers across to protest the continue massacre of Nigerians in North-Eastern states unchallenged by the sect.

NLC President Abdulwaheed Omar in a statement said the massacre of defenseless students in Yobe state and the routine decimation of communities in Borno and Adamawa states bring to the fore the gory reality of the new phase of war on terror.

Omar quarried why the attack on the students by the members were reported to have operated for hours unchallenged.

He said: “The attacks on Michika,  Madagali  and  Shua, in Adamawa and Borno States respectively, were more audacious, as the terror elements were said to have moved in murderous convoys of Hilux, chanting war songs in broad day light, killing, pillaging and daring any one to challenge them. Distress calls to our security forces were said to have elicited no reaction.

“By the time it was over, scores of lives had been wasted and property worth billions of Naira, including a heritage site, the oldest missionary/seminary school in the area, had been destroyed.

“Other property uprooted were shopping malls, banks and police stations. Earlier, had with unscrupulous and vicious regularity, destroyed other communities, leaving death in their wake.

He added: “We at the Congress can only ask more questions: Where is our ? What has happened to our satellites? What is the role of Cameroun in all this? Is 2015 part of this war? Who ordered the withdrawal of security forces before the attack on helpless students?”

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