Njabari: Improving Adamawa’s revenue base

Cumulatively, it is now five years he has been on the saddle as the chairman of the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue. During the years, a lot of transformation has taken place thereby enhancing the revenue base of the state.

When he was appointed as the chairman of the board, optimists were of the conviction that the right man for the job has been appointed because he is an insider in the board, having joined the organisation from the lower rung and has seen it all. The then Governor Jibrilla Bindow of the state did not make a wrong choice in appointing Hamman Adama Njabari.

It is therefore not surprising that the present Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri re-appointed him to continue steering the ship of the board to date.

The chairman of the board, Alhaji Hamman Adama Njabari, has a wealth of experience. His state seeing the treasure in him and the need to be utilised for the benefit of the state invited him to make his contributions in revenue generation for the state.

His record of performance so far earned him acknowledgement that his head fits the crown in any public assignment justifying his hardwork and total commitment to service.

He was not born with silver spoon in his mouth, but rather worked hard towards actualising his deam. History will best remember Alhaji Hamman Adama Njabari as a “genius in revenue generation”. He has surpassed the achievements ever recorded by any chairman of the board.

The last five years of his stewardship has brought to the fore, the indelible landmarks in the generation of revenue for the state to hit the mark of billions thereby affording the present administration the opportunity to execute some remarkable successes in the area of road construction, building of additional hospitals across the state as well as revamping the education sector of the state.

His dispassionate approach to issues is unique and worthy of emulation by upcoming leaders in public service.

There is a new lease of life at the board since his appointment as its chairman of over the past five years. When he was announced as the chairman, there were instant reactions. While some raised eyebrows, the majority were elated given his pedigree.

He brought innovations to the board using the digital breakthrough, using the internet in the processing of license as well as many other commitments and processes thereby enhancing the revenue accruing to the coffers of the board and subsequently the government is able to provide the much needed dividend of democracy to the people.

The State House of Assembly passed a vote of confidence on the chairman Njabari because of his tremendous achievements. Indeed, the chairman of the board is trustworthy, talented, obedient and hardworking. What he has done so far are geared towards making the state economically vibrant and functional to reduce rural urban migration, enhance per capita income and create a local economy.

The chairman is equally working assiduously in line with the policy thrust of the present administration in the state in the areas of water supply and health care delivery, in addition to maintaining the existing structure in the state.

He motivated the staff of the board by providing incentives and other welfare packages. He also sent some of them for refresher training on various aspects of tax administration in order for the staff to be updated.

He vigorously pursued the salary structure of the board as obtained in the revenue boards across the states in the federation and it is awaiting the approval of the governor.

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