Nigerians in UK demand diaspora voting, seamless passport renewal, others

Members of the Nigerian community in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom have asked the Nigerian government to address key issues affecting Nigerians living abroad, including diaspora voting, and streamlined passport renewal processes.

They also urged the government to provide support for students regarding exchange rates and foreign exchange, ensuring that they have access to favourable rates and assistance in managing their financial needs.

Mr Tunmise Ajiboye, who represented the Nigerians in the West Yorkshire, United Kingdom read the demand during a special occasion for the honour of the Acting Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Cyprian Heen on Saturday night.

Mr Ajiboye popularly known as Tunmise-Reformer also called for inclusion in government programs such as student loans to facilitate access to higher education for Nigerian schooling abroad.

In his words, “Our community is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Nigerian spirit, thriving and contributing to the fabric of society wherever we go.

“We are grateful to have with us tonight the esteemed Acting Nigeria High Commissioner, His Excellency Cyprian Heen, PhD. Your presence here is a symbol of the strong bond between Nigerians in the United Kingdom and the Government of Nigeria, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to engage with you and learn from your insights.

“Nigeria, with its vast resources, dynamic economy, and diverse population, plays a crucial role on the global stage. As Nigerians living in the diaspora, we are ambassadors of our homeland, carrying with us the values of hard work, determination, and community spirit that define us as a people.”

Mr Ajiboye continued “I stand before you today as a representative of Nigerians living here in the United Kingdom. We are gathered here not just as individuals seeking education and economic breakthroughs but as a collective voice demanding support and recognition from our government back home.

“We have chosen to seek greener pastures and we are often faced with numerous challenges and sacrifices along the way. Yet, despite the distance, our hearts remain connected to Nigeria, and our dreams are intertwined with the future of our homeland.

“It is important for the Nigerian government to always factor in, Nigerians in the diaspora in all their policy formulation, planning, and execution for a productive sense of belonging and pace of development.”

He sought for “Diaspora voting; international passport renewal delivery by post in Nigeria and the diaspora; Support for the students in exchange rate and FX; Inclusion of Nigerians studying abroad in the proposed student loan programme of the federal government; and Lastly, provide a platform for Nigerians living abroad who may want their children to get Nigeria’s state of origin.”

The Nigerians, however, emphasised the importance of providing a platform for Nigerians abroad to obtain documentation regarding their children’s Nigerian state of origin, enabling them to maintain their connection to their heritage and access essential services.