Nigerians can now shop online with bitcoins – Patricia

In 2019, Technology and E-commerce/Fintech company, simply known as Patricia made a promise that by April 2020 they would develop a solution that would make Nigerians shop online with bitcoins. And five weeks to April the company has already made good its promise.

They made the promise reality with introduction of what they called “Patricia Card”. With “Patricia Card,” according to the company, one can literally withdraw bitcoin from ATM machines around the country and spend bitcoins at filling stations, at the mall, in fact anywhere one can use a regular ATM card you can and they were they are to achieve this before the stipulated date of April.

Patricia promised to take Africa to the digital age, and it seems they are leaving no stone unturned as their achievements in the last three years speaks for itself.

Since they have come on the scene, Patricia has totally changed the landscape. In 2019 they became the first company to let users, literally withdraw Bitcoin from ATMs or spend at POS machines nationwide and they launched five-storey state-of-the-art office in Lagos.

Furthermore, In 2019 alone, Patricia Technologies Limited processed over N10 billion in transaction volume.

At the core of their operation, they specialize in trading digital assets. Assets, meaning an entity that holds value, purely digital and not physical.

Some of their services include :buying, selling and storing of bitcoins; buying and selling of gift cards; they have a device which can help customers find any lost item called “HANK”; there’s also a product known as Patricia Refill which allows users convert airtime to cash; and PatriciaPay, a payment solution where users pay with bitcoins and so much more.

The company also launched a new brand called Room 19, a high end fashion brand, which is a gateway to huge malls housing major fashion brands. With Room 19, they want to test the prototype of PatriciaPay, a solution that lets users make payment with Bitcoin. better known simply as Patricia was established in 2017 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) as Patricia Technologies Limited.

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