Nigerian music industry too expensive for young upcoming artiste – Noel Empraw

Nigerian Rapper, singer and songwriter Noel Enejo Onoja, says the stereotyping of certain music forms from independent artistes has made the Nigerian music industry too expensive for young upcoming artistes.

In a telephone interview with Blueprint recently, Onoja better known by his stage name of Noel Empraw said this has caused a lot of young upcoming talented musicians to fall off the industry radar. He also added that such stereotypes have made the industry way too expensive for independent artistes discouraging a lot of them.

He said, “There are a lot of talented guys who are being pushed out of the industry because of the excessive billing system and off course the stereotype for alternative sounds emanating from indie talents, while this is not about genre particularly, the listening industry have been programmed to downplay disruption, we believe this will however change over time because the era of glorification of mediocrity is fast fading.”

Speaking about his thought-provoking album titled ALGORHYTHM, the rapper says the album which has been in the works for a while now has finally made it out for fans to enjoy.

Noel Empraw, who currently has a management partnership with another company Lambada Entertainment and a South African publishing company – Sheer Publishing says the release of the album is the beginning of what he terms Africa’s Biggest Musical Export and calls on fans and friends to support the success of the project.

Speaking about the content of the album, Noel said the album contain songs from personal stories to songs that address anomalies of the African society with tracks like “Woké Africa Woké” including songs on love, happiness and thanksgiving, the album ALGORHYTHM is available on all streaming platform worldwide.