Nigerian Legion de-rank officers, overhaul security apparatus

The National Council of the Nigerian Legion has issued a communiqué announcing a significant overhaul of the nation’s security framework, resulting in the de-ranking of officers within the Corps of Commissionaire.

Effective June 6, 2024, all officers will be demoted from the rank of Commandant-General (CG) to Assistant Sector Commander (ASC).

This decision, reached at the 2024 National Council meeting in Abuja, is aimed at addressing national security concerns, regulatory non-compliance, impersonation, illegal possession of firearms, and other unwholesome practices.

The communiqué, signed by Secretary-General Major V.O. Abiola (Rtd.) on behalf of National Chairman Major-General Abdulmalik Jibril, emphasised the need for a comprehensive restructuring of the security apparatus to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the Nigerian Legion.

The communiqué has been communicated to all relevant stakeholders, including the Minister of Defence, Service Chiefs, Inspector-General of Police, and other security agencies.

The Nigerian Legion has also announced plans to establish a Microfinance Bank and introduce innovative programs aimed at achieving financial independence and catering to the social well-being of veterans and their dependants.