Nigeria yet to make appreciable gains 63 years after independence – Poll 


The annual Independence Day Poll result just released by NOIPolls says 31 percent of adult Nigerians are of the view that Nigeria has not made any remarkable achievement since she attained political independence in 1960. 

Twenty three percent of respondents cited insecurity as one of the greatest challenges Nigeria has faced since independence.

Other challenges mentioned in the poll are economy (20 percent), corruption (20 percent), bad leadership (17 percent) and ethnicity/tribalism (8 percent) among other challenges.  

However, according to the poll, “Despite the challenges, Nigerians still pin point some achievements the country has made since her Independence. The top three achievements include democracy (14 percent), national unity (9 percent), and telecommunication (7 percent). 

“Others mentioned include large population (3 percent), electricity, (3 percent), education (3 percent), security (3 percent), and social cohesion (3 percent) amongst others.”

In the order of priority, when asked about the most important issue that should be addressed next year, 28 percent of Nigerians mentioned economy followed by insecurity (21 percent). Others, they said, include poverty alleviation (13 percent), job creation (9 percent), corruption (8 percent), bad governance (3 percent), electricity (3 percent), and education (3 percent).

In a similar vein, Nigerians noted that United States of America (27 percent), China (24 percent) and the United Kingdom (17 percent) came top countries that have impacted Nigeria politically and economically. 

Other countries mentioned are Israel, Ghana, France, Saudi Arabia, Niger and Russia. 

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