Niger: Panic as military Junta gives fresh ‘terrifying’ order

In Niger, the ruling military junta has issued arrest warrants for 25 former leaders.

These include former Prime Minister Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou and former Foreign Minister Massoudou Hassoumi.

Also on the list are former Trade Minister Alkache Alhada and former presidential staff deputy Daouda Djibo Takoubakoye.
Former Ambassador to France, Aichatou Kané Boulama, is named too.

Additionally, former Energy Minister Ibrahim Yacoubou and former Tuareg rebel leader Rhissa Ag Boula face charges.

According to a statement by the military junta, due to their act to undermine state security, they all face charges of high treason and conspiracy.

Although, many have already fled the country, some even operate against the current regime from abroad.

Recall that Political tension rose on July 26 in Niger. The National Council for Safeguarding the Homeland, led by General Abdourahamane Tiani, took action.

They ousted President Mohamed Bazoum and suspended the constitution, this move sparked international outcry.

ECOWAS, a regional organization, strongly condemned the act. It imposed economic and trade sanctions on Niger and floated the possibility of military action to restore order.


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