Niger Delta: Rumble among militants as FG plans to meet Tompolo

Militant groups in the Niger Delta region begins a new row over the alleged secret meeting proposed between the Federal Government led by the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs  Pastor Usani Uguru and the Special  Adviser to the President on Niger Delta /Amnesty Coordinator, Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh and the foremost former Militant Leader, ‎High Chief Government Ekpemupolo also known as Tompolo over the recent threats issued by the Niger Delta Avenvers against oil facilities and installations in the region.
High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, also known as Tompolo, who failed to confirm or dismissed his readiness to attend meeting with the two Federal Government representatives, however advised the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to fund numerous development projects earmarked and on-going in the Niger Delta region.
According to the statement issued Thursday by his Media Consultant, Comrade Paul Bebeminibo and made available  via email, stated that the present administration should concentrate on projects such as “the coastal area which is a very difficult terrain that no normal human being will love to stay with the present condition, with money used to deploy military men and wares as well as carry out military exercises such as operation crocodile smile and octopus grip by the Army and Navy respectively.”
” And that continuous military deployment to the region will not solve the problem of the age long criminal neglect of the region by government.
It must be pointed out that mere acknowledgement of the fast deteriorating condition of the Niger Delta region by government is not enough to solve the problems there, rather, the Federal Government needs to put up a strong political will to the address the issue of lack of development in the region.”
“At the last count, there are over 20 military houseboats in the creeks of Gbaramatu kingdom alone. So much is provided by the government in taking care of the military men and wares in that region without achieving the purpose they are being drafted to the area as the agitation for development of the region continues on daily bases. Government cannot continue to harass and intimidate the people of the region with military might. “
“What the region needs is simply development. And that is what the previous administration meant when it established the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko. The previous government also approved the electrification of Escravos and environs, which has gone half-way, only to be discontinued by the present administration.”
“The EPZ gas city and deep sea port project, well thought out by the precious administration to significantly address the issue of unemployment in Nigeria has been abandoned also. This is not fair. The huge sum of money used to deploy military houseboats, gunships and fighter jets is enough to fund the Nigerian Maritime University and other development projects in the region that will give a sense of relief and belonging to the people as part of the Nigerian project.”
“Finally, we wish to challenge the government to change the paradigm of military deployment to paradigm of development and see that relative peace will certainly be attained.”
In response to the proposed secret meeting, the coalition of Nine Militant groups known as the
  Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) have expressed anger and disgust over the issue.
 RNDA warned the Federal Government to be mind full of the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs  Pastor Usani Uguru and the Special  Adviser to the President on Niger Delta /Amnesty Coordinator Retired General  Boroh describing the trio as working for the wanted militant Leader Tompolo who is the master minder of his cooked Avenger’s that is causing hostilities against the interest of the people in the region.

RNDA noted with utmost dismay that the trio were in contact with Tompolo and warned that the President Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government should not enter into any negotiations or meeting being organised by the Minister of Niger Delta with Gbaramantu people as they were representatives of Tompolo and also insider’s of the happening’s of the Avenger’s activities in the creeks of Delta state,”And if such a fraudulent arranged meeting go with Mr president been organized by the incompetent minister of Niger Delta Affairs would secure the wrath of the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers and should not be held responsible for any upheaval that would happen there after.”

RNDA confirmed that there were plans by the Usani Uguru and Retired Major General Paul  Boroh to meet with Tompolo ‘s representatives already in Abuja, “this two men are the black legs in President Buhari led APC federal government that is working hand in hand with the fugitive Tompolo Avenger’s that has been causing tension in the creeks of Niger Delta region.”

“We accuse the Leader of the disbanded PANDEF Chief E K Clark as responsible for several bombing of oil installations in the Niger Delta region in order to continue to gain relevance in every government having been lost out of his so called son presidential election former president Good luck Jonathan, RNDA said this has been Clark ‘s stock in trade over the years in the Niger Delta region as a means of life hood.”

“RNDA described the Minister of Niger Delta Usani Uguru as grossly incompetent to handle the Ministry which was far bigger than his capacity hence the abisymal failure in his performance and RNDA noted that the Hon minister of Niger Delta Affairs those not know what is happening on ground in the creeks of the region that is why he is working together hand in hand with some disgrunted elements that are self acclaimed youth leader’s and leaders who are Abuja base street hustlers that are also collaborating with Mr Tompolo who is under a wanted list of the federal government with his in house Avenger’s that has been causing hostilities in the creeks of the region so that they will in return use such criminal means of dialogue process as a way of recognition as a medium of money making venture from government.”

“RNDA noted that Tompolo always thrives on violence and had steadily used that as a tatics to get undue advantage against the wishes of the people of the Niger Delta region, RNDA want to challenge him to come out to tell the people of the Niger Delta region what was the development he achieve or he brought to the other parts of the entire region during Former President Good luck Jonathan era wen his brother and allied was in power for over six miserable years full of corruption when price was 120 dollar per barrel to 150 dollar per barrel wish production rate was at 2.4 million daily in the country.”

“But we see from the creeks was steady looting and embezzlement of funds meant for the development of the region,except He Tompolo was busy allocating billions of contracts for him self and he was busy lifting crude oil out of this country through undue process from the forcados terminal just for him self and his family alone,”

” Therefore we call on the Monarch of Gbaramatu kingdom and the Spokesman of the kingdom, Chief Gbenekama to call thier son Tompolo to order as his hide and seek game to destroy federal government facilities and the oil pipelines in the creeks of the region is over and that he should endeavor to venture into other legal means of living because the normaclousure has changed far beyond his reach wereby one man alone will be patronized in the creeks of the region to take up arms to destroy federal government facilities and the oil pipelines with the oil facilities all in the name of Niger Delta struggle to deceive the people of the region to make money for him self and his family upon the detriment of the long neglected people of the region is over.”

“We are going to make good our threat that we will join forces with the Federal government to smoke Tompolo out from his hiding,RNDA warned that any connivance on the part of the Gbaramatu kingdom with Tompolo and his cooked Avenger’s under a disguise to be destroying oil pipelines in the creeks of Delta state within the Gbaramatu kingdom under warri southwest local government area wish is the base of the so called Avenger’s operations will spell doom and darkness for the area as the lives of the people will be under threat because of the sins of one man who had used the struggle to enrich him self, family and few cronies alone.”

” We also want to restate our earlier position that President Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government that has been fighting corruption and the menace of damages that was caused by the corrupt PDP led administration wish is just bally two years plus should be allowed to work out the needed modalities to address the under developmental issues that has been affecting the region for a very long time wish Good luck Jonathan and the corrupt PDP government failed to address in other to usher in peace and sustainable industrial development to the region.”

The group noted that “some of the happenings in the creek can be traced to the failure of Jonathan in the last General election where Tompolo and his co horts threatened that there will be no peace in the Niger Delta region if Good luck Jonathan lost the 2015 presidential election and just after the election in early 2016 the owhle world and Nigerians saw the rain of bombing oil pipelines and the destruction of oil facilities in the region by the so called Tompolo cooked Avenger’s and we want to ask where was the the so called Avenger’s wen Good luck Jonathan was the president of federal republic of Nigeria for the six miserable years?”

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