Niger Delta Power Holding boss wants openness between FG, ASUU


The Executive Director, Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited, Ifeoluwa Oyedele, has advised the federal government and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to be “sincere with each other to end incessant strikes in Nigeria’s universities.

Speaking in an interview after he was conferred with Honorary Doctorate Degree in Engineering (D.Eng) by the management of Achievers University, Owo, Ondo state, Oyedele advocated openness on the part of government while cautioning ASUU to show understanding of the financial position of government.  

While agreeing that NUC appeared to be granting too many licences for the establishment of private universities, he however said it could not be attributed to compromise. 

He also said Nigeria with its population needed more institutions, adding that there must be corresponding number of lecturers and top rate facilities Nigeria’s institutions of higher learning.

He said, “While government should be open on all the issues, ASUU must show understanding of the financial position of Government. Both parties must come to the painful realisation that the present model of funding university education is not sustainable and therefore there must be a new thinking outside the box. The issue of autonomy should be re-visited so that universities can use their talents to generate more funds.

“The failure of government to implement agreements freely entered into with ASUU is unacceptable. Government must take steps to implement such agreement and where it cannot, it must quickly seek renegotiation and not wait until ASUU declares another strike before revealing the reasons why it is unable to implement agreed terms.

“I do not think ASUU is using strikes as a tool to blackmail government but it is only reacting to bureaucratic delays that makes government not to be responsive to its demands.

“While I agree that NUC appears to be granting too many licenses for the establishment of private universities, I am not sure it can be attributed to compromise. Nigeria with its population needs more institutions. However, there must be corresponding number of lecturers and top rate facilities.

“The truth is that Nigerians are good at presenting documents that can persuade any organisation to issue approval. What NUC needs to do is that it must graduate its approval process so that when an applicant meets the conditions in one stage it can proceed to the next stage until final approval is given to commence the programs. Innocent students should not be used as guinea pigs for running a University.”