Niger Delta group demands transparency in amnesty programme 

A Niger Delta group, Niger Delta Equity Movement, Sunday called for transparency and accountability in the administration of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The group in a statement issued by Comrade  Ebitimi Amaseikumor, urged the administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme,  Chief Dennis Burutu Otuaro , to prioritise the interests of the Ijaw nation above personal ambition and political expediency.

The group underscored the resolve of the Ijaw people to resist oppression and illegality, drawing parallels to the biblical narrative of Nebuchadnezzar and the steadfast refusal to bow down to tyranny.

It reiterated the demand for liberation and autonomy, affirming that the ancestral home of the Ijaw nation must remain in Kaiama.

They also warned against the dangers of individuals seeking to play the role of God, while exploiting the plight of the downtrodden for personal gain.

It called for unity and vigilance among Niger Deltans, urging them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice and equality.

The group, while condemning the appointment of Otuaro as the administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, also accused him of serving the interests of a select few, rather than the collective well-being of the Ijaw people.