New Year: Let’s keep hope alive -NYCN president

The president of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo has urged Nigerians particularly the youth to keep hope alive in the New Year.

In his New Year message, he said: “As we enter this unique year, I urge all Nigerian youths in the country and in the diaspora to keep hope alive and be ambitious in the pursuit of a resourceful and excellent career.

“Let us channel our energy into meaningful and productive venture rather than indulging in wasteful and unlawful lifestyle, Sukubo urged.

Continuing he said : “Let us shun all acts capable of truncating our future ambitions.

“I urge all Nigerian youths to set new goals for themselves in this new year and aspire greater height.

“On my part and the entire National Executive Council, we will continue to prioritize the welfare of Nigerian youths and ensure your development in all ramifications regardless of ethnic, religious and political affiliations.

“Recall in the outgone year 2019, the National Youth Council of Nigeria under my able leadership made some tremendous achievements by attracting Employments, Entrepreneurship Training and Empowerment as well as Scholarships for over 1000 Nigerian youths across the country through a robust partnership with the NNPC/BELEMAOIL Joint Venture, the Jack-Rich Aid Foundation and the Elizabeth Jack-Rich Aid Foundation.

“The National Youth Council of Nigeria is eternally grateful to the Founder and President of Belemaoil Engr. Tein T.S. Jack-Rich whose passion for youth development is unparallel.

“On behalf of the National Youth Council of Nigeria I pledged our unflinching loyalty and support to you. We will continue to form strategic partnership with you to entrench good Leadership and create mutual value for Nigerian youths.

“As a leader who runs an open-door policy with a strong penchant and belief in the unity of Nigeria, I will continue promoting the ideals of cohesion, peaceful co-existence and indivisibility of Nigeria as anchored in the vision of the founding fathers of this great country.

“I wish all Nigerian youths across the country and in the diaspora a happy and prosperous New Year”.