NEGST Technologies, ERCAAN to begin digital registration of estate agents

A digital firm, NeGSt-TAS Technologies Ltd and the Estate Rent and Commission Agents Association of Nigeria (ERCAAN) has announced plans to commence digital registration of its existing and prospective members’ nationwide beginning from March 2024.

The duo affirmed the collaboration aims to establish a digital membership registration identity verification solution platform tailored for ERCAAN in order to achieve its digitization objectives of the real estate industry.

The firm said the exercise will ensure ERCAAN members have their biometric data into a secure digital membership register, create a database of certified estate agents endorsed by the association and provide a seamless method for verifying members status with a simple click.

It will also assist ERCAAN members in verifying the identities of clients involved in real estate transactions, offer the public the assurance of dealing with trusted estate agents across the country and also leverage the National Identity Management Commission database for verifiable data to facilitate reliable decision-making processes.

“NeGSt remains steadfast in its commitment to leveraging ICT tools to promote transparency, accountability, and sustainability (TAS) in both government and private sector operations, thereby combating inefficiency, corruption, and wastage. The primary goal is to enhance service delivery for the benefit of the Nigerian populace.” It said an electronic statement.

ERCAAN National President, Godwin Alenhke explained that with the biometrics innovation, “ERCAAN will now have a complete database of our members globally that can be easily accessible to everyone within a twinkle of an eye.