Ndigbo in APC apologise to Nigerians over Nwanyanwu’s denigrating comments

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has apologised to all Nigerians over the statement credited to Chief Emmanuel Nwanyanwu and Rev Fr Ebube Muonso, denigrating the Yoruba and members of the Hausa community.

Addressing the press in Lagos, Monday, the apex leader of Ndigbo in Lagos APC, Mr Joe Igbokwe, who is also Special Adviser to Governor Babajide Sanwo -Olu on Drainages and Water Resources and his vice, Jude Idimogu, appealed to the two to withdraw their statement and apologise to the Yoruba, Hausa and the entire country.

“We condemn the statement credited to the two in its strongest term and urge Nwanyanwu and Father Muonso to withdraw the statement; it must have been made in error.

“Father Muonso’s statement is so kindergarten, foolish. Each ethnic group has something to bring to the table. They should withdraw their statements and apologise.”

Shedding more light, Idimogu said he was embarrassed by the statement, particularly that of Father Muonso, saying: “We are apologising to the whole nation. We appeal to Nigerians not to take their statement too seriously.”

According to Igbokwe, careless statements could lead to war, and no Nigerian in his right senses would pray for war.

He noted that the statement credited to Father Muonso that one Igbo man is equal to 500 Hausa men was a childish talk, and that of Nwanyanwu referring to some Yoruba as political rascals is least expected from the two of them, regarded as eminent people.

Igbokwe urged them not to create unnecessary enmity between the Igbo and members of other communities.