NCRIB promises unified business operations for firms

The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) has assured brokerage firms of value creation that would guarantee seamless operations in the country.
NCRIB President, Shola Tinubu, who gave the assurance at the December edition of Members’ evening hosted by AIICO Insurance Plc, said: “if there is anything that has occupied the minds of many members of the Council for a while now, it is how the NCRIB could accelerate its value rendition to members.
“I like to note that the agitation of members in this regard was not wrongly placed, considering the challenges they face on all ends, necessitating immediate collective from the Council.”
In addressing this, he said: “our team would be quite strategic in first identifying in clear terms the immediate and future challenges threatening Brokers.
“We shall deploy strategies to engage besetting problems such as captive agency network; direct marketing, quackery, unfriendly legislations, as well as the impact of technology on our practice.
“We shall take time to provide opportunities for resourceful members to serve on committees of the Council, based on the criteria of availability, resourcefulness, experience, competence and ethical values.”
He added that some standing committees of the Council have been rejigged to give more pragmatic results that will change the narrative of the Council and the brokerage industry.
He also disclosed that his regime would stop at nothing to ensure that the Secretariat, under the Executive Secretary, takes its focal position as the face of the Council and its membership. In doing this, members would be able to relate as equals, having in mind that they have a neutral arbiter in the Secretariat.

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