NCC identifies factors causing data depletion for mobile subscribers

The Consumer Affairs Bureau of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has identified seven factors causing data depletion for mobile subscribers in Nigeria.

This comes amidst an increase in complaints from subscribers about how their data subscriptions are getting drained quickly with many internet subscribers blaming service providers for stealing their data.

NCC observed that some apps continue to consume data even when the users are not actively using them. “Background data usage can quickly add up and deplete your data allowance,” the Commission said.

The Commission added that automatic updates for apps, operating systems, and other software can also use up a significant amount of data.

GPS and other location services can consume a lot of data, according to NCC, especially if you use navigation apps like Google Maps.

“Some apps display ads that use data. These ads can consume data even if you don’t interact with them,” the Commission stated.

The telecom regulator also identified roaming as one of the factors that could lead to data depletion. “If you travel abroad and use your phone, you may be subject to data roaming charges, which can quickly add up and deplete your data allowance.”

The Commission added that malware and viruses can consume data without your knowledge. “If you suspect that your phone has been infected, it’s important to remove the malware as soon as possible.”

According to the NCC, one of the main reasons for data depletion is excessive usage. “If you use your phone to stream videos or music, download large files, or use data-intensive apps for a long time, your data limit can quickly be depleted,” it said.

To reduce incidents of data depletion, the Commission advised subscribers to always monitor their data usage, turn off background data usage for specific apps, and switch off automatic updates.

The Commission also advised mobile users to disable location services for some specific apps as such services consume a lot of data. For unsolicited advertisements, the telecom regulator advised the subscribers to install ad-blockers.