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NBA set to domesticate ACJA in 28 states

Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has disclosed its plan to adopt and domesticate the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) in 28 states of the federation where the act has not been adopted.

President of the association, Abubakar Mahmud, at the ACJA conference in Abuja, said the association “hopes to achieve this through advocacy and provision of technical support to the state with a view to guiding them to domestication or adoption.”

The theme of the conference is “Promoting the Domestication and Implication of the Administration of Criminal Justice Legislation across Nigeria.”

He also said the association would engage in provision of continuing legal education to stakeholders.

According to him, this will be deployed in partnership with Nigerian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS).

“The NBA envisages that the project will be implemented in three phases over a period of 36 months in 28 states, which were yet to domesticate the ACJA legislation.

“The 28 states will be divided into 3 groups which will be spread across the years 2017, 2018, 2019. The states that will be selected for each year and phase will reflect all the six geo-political zones of Nigeria,” he said.

Further, in his speech, Mahmud stated that the NBA shall largely leverage on information and communication technology (ICT) in driving the project.

“We propose to launch an Administration of Criminal Justice Website which shall serve as the information hub and the go-to site for information regarding criminal justice administration in Nigeria. We shall also design a portal for online delivery of continuing legal education training.”

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