NatureNews makes top 12 world’s best newspapers 

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Nigeria-based NatureNews has emerged as African’s best nature publication and one of the top 12 in a ranking of 2,047 news platforms worldwide.

The ranking, undertaken by FeedSpot Media, confirms NatureNews as Africa’s number one news platform on environment, climate change and sustainable living.

The global rating, released at the weekend, also named the US-based National Geographic as the world’s best nature magazine, while the BBC Science Focus takes the second position on the ranking.

In an email conveying the media ratings to NatureNews, Anuj Agarwal, founder of FeedSpot Media said the index is “the most comprehensive list of Top 20 Nature magazines on the internet”.

Agarwal congratulated the NatureNews management and staff for their remarkable contributions to environmental awareness in Africa.

He explained that selection of the best 20 nature publications worldwide “was based on rigorous parameters’’.

According to him, the parameters are on unique content, traffic, social metric, freshness of stories, domain authoritativeness, credibility, and website performance on Alexa indices.

Other publications that made the top 20 ranking includes Nature Friend (USA), Discover (USA), Bay Nature (USA), ON Nature (Canada), Scientific American (USA) and Springer (Switzerland).

The list further include Smithsonian (USA), Cosmos (Australia), Terrain (USA), British Ecological (UK), Orion (USA), Nature Conservancy (USA) and Natural History (USA).

In a measured response, an elated founder and CEO of NatureNews, Aliu Akoshile, said notification of the ranking came to his team as a surprise.

“We had no inkling of the existence of such a global ranking of nature publications, hence our pleasant surprise,’’ Akoshile said.

He noted that the Advisory Board, management and staff were, however, delighted about the enviable ranking which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the World Environment Day.

The online domain,, was launched on the 60th Independence anniversary of Nigeria on October 1, 2020. 

It was founded on the social responsibility philosophy of the media as it opted for a unique genre of development journalism focusing on environment and sustainable earth.