NASS: A social club or representative institution?

In furtherance of its impunity and total disregard to the inherent nature of the Senate as a representative institution, the Saraki/Ekweremadu-led 8th senate is reported to have directed the security agencies to deprive the people of Delta Central senatorial district, a voice and involvement in proper and lawful management of Nigerian affairs for which they are eminently entitled and qualifi ed to robustly participate and engage.
The person of the representative of the Delta Central senatorial district, Ovie Omo-Agege, no matter how seemingly or allegedly odious to the henchmen to the 8th Senate, can never be the basis to shut out the constituents of the district in legitimately participating in the strategic process of law-making and engaging other Nigerians in their views and opinion on Nigerian affairs. Any rule of the Senate or any other representative institutions in a democracy, which violates its inherent character damages it and reduces to a mere cult group or a social club.
There should never be an extant or valid rule in a representative institution to warrant expulsion or suspension of a representative member without any recourse to the primary constituents, on whose behalf the member or delegate acquired his membership.
An individual member of a social club or cult group whose membership is basically derived from individual convenience to join, can as well suff er the consequences of such membership as a result of rules and regulations to which he or she willing subscribed and without external interference subsisting,
except to the extent to which the rule violates or impinges on the laws of the land or the constitution. The serial violations of the representative character of the Senate by the leadership constitute a greater threat to viability of the Senate as a key or core democratic representative institutions than the backlash produced by its impunity.
The Saraki/Ekweremadu led 8th senate should never be allowed to turn the representative institution of the senate into a cult group, social club or trade union for the protection and promotion of the exclusive interests of their members.
As for the reported directives of the 8th senate leadership to the security agencies to bar Omo-Agege from actively representing his people, such should be completely disregarded. Barring OmoAgege from sitting in the senate chamber to represent his people is an open invitation to anarchy.
If the senate leadership cannot stand to see the face of Omo-Agege, they should make provision for the people of the Delta Central, despite their numbers to effectively represent themselves in the senate chambers, or alternatively encourage them to recall Omo-Agege. Until then, Omo-Agege’s seat in the Senate chamber is sacrosanct and inviolable and no antics of the Saraki/Ekweremadu-led 8th Senate can invalidate it. Charles Onunaiju, Abuja

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