NASENI to deliver SEI for economic diversification

The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Egnr. Professor Mohammed Dani Haruna has disclosed that NASENI has been at the forefront of delivering Science and Engineering Infrastructure (SEI) to ensure Nigeria’s economy is diversified and to enhance economic growth.

Haruna made this statement during the NASENI Day at the ongoing Science Expo on Tuesday in Abuja.

According to him that this year’s theme for the 2020 Techno Expo: “Enhancing the Growth of a Diversified Economy through Science and Technology” is very apt for the season.

He added that the need to embrace and develop local capacity and capability for innovations leading to a manufacturing economy has become imperative.

“The country cannot leave its economy at the mercy of fluctuating commodity prices. For example, the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has led to a decline in oil revenue with predictable negative impact on government capital projects and other socio-economic activities that are funded from recurrent expenditure. Even private sector organisations are reporting losses. Countries that have developed sound Science, Technology and Innovation system are more flexible in addressing the current world economic vicissitude.

Further speaking, the Chief Executive said Countries that have succeeded in addressing socio-economic development challenges have one thing in common, which is investing heavily in research and development. “They are leaders in Science and Technology. Nigeria has no alternative route to sustainable development other than a complete change of attitude and to prioritise Science, Technology and Innovation. We commend Government resolution to prioritise Science, Technology and Innovation,” he stated.

“The current administration, led by President Muhammadu Buhari recognizes that the Nigerian economy is most likely to remain on a path of steady decline if nothing is done to change the course. As a result, since the inception of the administration in May 2015, the Government has taken several strides aimed at solving these challenges and turning around the Nigerian economy in a major way.

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