NAHBPN caretaker chairman promises free, fair, credible election

The caretaker chairman committee of the National Association of Hair and Beauty Practitioners in Nigeria (NAHBPN) has promised to conduct a free, fair, and credible election for those aspiring to lead the association in the next four years.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the screening exercises of the aspirants, the committee chairman of the association, Guda Shamange, said that the mission of the association under his watch is to ensure a smooth transition from the appointed position to elected administration.

“We are very much prepared for the election, nothing but free and fair elections. No sentiment nor ethical bias, strictly on free and fair elections,” he said.

Speaking on the security for the day, he said the association has written to the Department of State Security Services, Police (Utako division), and Soldiers to be on the ground because hoodlums can hijack the processes.

On conducting the maiden election under his watch, he explained that being the founding father of the great association, he would like to follow due process religiously, which he thinks is one of the challenges this organization is facing today.

“Everyone is doing things for points. This certificate was given to this organization by Trade unions and signed by them. We have the constitution, and I am not going to do anything outside the rules and regulations of our acts.

“Whoever wins the election should work with the constitution guiding the association.

“I have been working with this constitution as caretaker chairman and urge whoever emerges as National president of this great association to work with the constitution.”

Also speaking, chairman of the screening committee, Famous Salifu, said, “We have seen errors coming from the participants contesting for elections, and definitely decisions have to be made. We will compile all the results, and they will be published today on national and various platforms.

According to him, the appeal committee will be on tomorrow and anybody that is cleared from there will be free to contest for elections come Saturday. If you’re not clear, after the election, you can contest again in the next four years.

“If you truly love this industry, care about the sixteen million members we have across the country, there’s always another opportunity. If you miss out, either disqualified or qualified, contested and you lose at the end of the day, let’s apply the spirit of sportsmanship. Still, stand strong and give support to the industry.”

One of the aspirants, vying for the position of Regional head, North Central, Comrade Hassan Obaka, said, “If I win this election, I will use my office to better the lives and protect Hair and Beauty practitioners.

“I’ll use my position to impact and bring a good life into the association.

“Asked if he didn’t win the election, he said, “I will take it in good faith and work for the betterment of the association. It’s not a do-or-die affair, and whoever wins the election, I will support the person to build the union.”