Na’Abba’s legacy, a testament of enduring leadership-Abbas

Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, has eulogised the late former speaker, Ghali Umar Na’Abba, saying the late statesman left a legacy worth emulating.

“To our distinguished former speaker, we say thank you. Your legacy is a testament to the enduring power of leadership, vision, and commitment to the greater good. Your journey on earth may have ended, but your spirit lives on in the lives you touched and the enduring legacy of service,” Abbas said during a valedictory session of the House, in honour of Na’Abba Thursday.

The speaker said: “His legacy transcends the confines of material wealth. He lived a life that was a testament to the enduring power of a good name and an unblemished reputation. Today, we are reminded ever more eloquently of the profound truth that the true measure of a life well-lived is not found in the accumulation of wealth but in the legacy of service one leaves behind.

“May his family and friends find comfort in the knowledge that his legacy will endure in the hearts and minds of all who knew him and generations to come.

“Speaker after speaker at this session will testify to his courage, boldness, dedication to the principles of democracy, exemplary leadership and steadfast commitment to the time-honoured principles of separation of powers. Of all his qualities, what stands out the most is his simplicity, austerity, contentment and rare honesty.

“He was a modest and deeply religious man who gave the last full measure of devotion to his work and Nigeria. He lived a simple life but always with the end in mind. His life is, therefore, a worthy lesson for political office holders of today and generations of politicians to come.”