My stewardship at NASS ‘ll never be a mirage – Nabayye

A House of Representatives aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Akibu Sani Lawan Nabayye, has said that his stewardship at the National Assembly would never be a mirage just as he expressed optimism that he would emerge victorious in the race for Fagge federal constituency seat. 

Speaking to newsmen in Kano, Monday, Nabayye stated that his agenda of transforming the Fagge federal constituency was based on the premise of lending credence to critical sectors of human concern like education, healthcare and the creation of self employment avenues for youth.

He promised to give the youth the  requisite vocational training to forge ahead.

According to him, what good leadership entailed at the National Assembly is the capacity to prove a legislator’s acumen to deliver in order to meet the expectations of  his constituents.

He affirmed that his decision to join the political fray was informed by his desire to prove his worth at the time when people of his age and blood were much needed to save the situation.

He, however, stated that no politician could ever prove his worth when some critical sectors of human interest were treated with levity, saying that he was willing to transform the lives of his constituents 

He stressed that his stewardship at the National Assembly would never be an exercise in futility.

On why he took the decision to contest the House of representatives seat, Nabayye said  his wise decision was informed by his recognition of the PDP being  the most formidable and vibrant political   entity in the country which influence and populist appeal have transcended all frontiers of partisan politics under whatever guise.

He pointed out that injecting the new blood into the nation’s political system would be the best way of entrenching fresh ideas and viable innovations that could ginger the confidence of  those yearning for remarkable change positing that with youth taking the gauntlet, the future would be rosy for everyone.

He advised the electorate to be more circumspect in choosing those to lead them at all levels of governance come the year 2023, warning that making the wrong choice could only spell doom for the nascent democratic dispensation in the country.