My mission in life is to impact as many people God wants me to – Ogunti

Boniface Ogunti is a young Nigerian Liberian entrepreneur and business mentor. In this interview is speaks on his passion for mentoring small businesses and other issues.   

Can we meet you?

Boniface Ogunti is 26 years old and was born February 18th, 1996. I am a Nigerian Liberian who was born and brought up in America, I went to Park center high school, North Hennepin College in Minnesota

There aren’t many billionaires like Boniface Ogunti, who are both humble about their origins and committed to inspiring future billionaires. Tell us about what inspires you and generally about yourself?

I am not considered a billionaire in America but I am considered a multi-millionaire. What inspires me is knowing where I came from, to make it out of where I came from you have be very creative. To be successful where I came from you had to be from a rich family or you played sports in America as I was an African raised in America. I had to get around the right people for me to succeed because my environment was set up for me to fail. That is why I am so committed to inspiring people who want to be successful because I know what it feels like.

Over time we have watched your business grow. Can you share your success journey with us? How many employees do you have currently?

I started out in Ecommerce, selling products on social media and I was able to generate over a million dollars in sales by unique advertising skills. When I realized I had a unique advertising skill, I knew I had to capitalize on it, which led me to create my first company called “Current9”.

Current9 business module was to help the everyday workers become their own boss by providing online workshops teaching these unique advertising skills so they can grow their businesses. Current9 became a global movement, I decided I had to give back to my Motherland “Africa” by creating “Ogunti Group” which resonates with where I come from.

The Ogunti Group was created for investments and partnerships which I have been able to achieve, as I am in partnership with the Liberian government by providing trucks to transport Iron Ore and Palm Oil to other neighboring countries.

Current9 has transitioned into “Circle of Success” which now does educational/marketing events, empowering everyday people and entrepreneurs as a community of likeminded individuals.  I have currently have about 80 employees across all my businesses

We watched a video earlier where we learned a little bit about digital marketing and business growth, which we’ll speak about towards the latter half of the interview, but we saw there that you are such a supporter and such an advocate of entrepreneurship, which isn’t really a surprise because of your ideology to life, but I’m curious to know how and why you decided to build businesses around digital marketing at a young age, what influenced you and impacted your journey?

As I was growing my business there were a lot of different Challenges I faced. There were times I felt discouraged to continue because I didn’t have all the required skill sets I have today. What kept me going was my principles I live by, which is; Know thyself, appreciation, relationship management and mastering the basics.

Seeing that you’ve set a standard in training people on how to build a successful business, and more people are coming to you for mentorship, do you ever worry that people will be disappointed?

I never worry about being disappointed as a mentor because everyone has a current self and desired self and I know that everyone is going to do a lot better than by themselves, due to the way my mentorship programs are built, you can never live the way you came.

What is your real mission in life and would you say you are getting there?

My real mission in life is to do whatever God sent me here to do and to impact as many people God wants me to impact

Tell us about your future plans for and the achievements so far?

So is now which like I said earlier is a community of likeminded individuals who are ready to become their own bosses and we at Circle of Success are here to help them achieve this goal. Our achievements so far has been that we have helped numerous people become financially free and independent

If you are made the president of your country, what are the first five things you would address and why?

If I am made the President of my country the first thing I would do is create s structure of governance, build Infrastructure and empower Entrepreneurs because without a proper structure of Governance there can never be any real or substantial change in a country, then infrastructure can come and empowering entrepreneurs is an investment in society as a whole