My invented car can travel 150kms a day- Bauchi blacksmith

A 30 year old blacksmith in Jama’are local government area of Bauchi state, Auwal Hassan, who recently invented a car said the car can travel up to 150 kilometers in a day.

Blueprint reports that the car manufactured in December last year has continued to attract the attention and admiration of the people of the area, the state and government officials including the minister of science and technology Dr Ogbonoya Onu, who invited the young inventor to a meeting last Monday.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent, Auwal revealed that the minister expressed admiration over the newly invented car and promised to support him.

According to him, Onu also pledged to co-opt him among some team of experts who are being engaged periodically in the ministry to inspect newly manufactured vehicles.

Commenting on the created vehicle, the blacksmith explained that the car has two seats and is fast as KEKE NAPEP.

Auwal noted that the car has fuel economy and is capable of traveling 60 kilometers per hour.

“I am a diploma holder in public administration and graduated from the Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi. I wanted to study automobile engineering because I have passion for car design and manufacture. But due to destiny, I could not study that.

“Blacksmithing is our inherited occupation in the house. But I modernized myself and learnt welding. I produce metal doors, windows and gates. But I had become an inventor 10 years ago when I fabricated a motorcycle. I also invented a one tyre bicycle sometime in 2015.

“The first time my idea to manufacture the car was made public, some people used to laugh at me thinking that I was silly. But I give thanks to God that today it has become a reality. People from many places do troop to my house to view it.

“My father was so excited because although I learnt blacksmithing from him, I have now done something he never did. My wife is very proud of the car as I carry her inside to anywhere she wants to go. It will interest you to know that the car unlike others has fuel economy. If I put a petrol of just N200, it can take me to all destinations inside Jama’are town and back home before it finishes”. He pointed out.

Auwal said that he feels encouraged the way authorities such as police, soldiers and road safety personnel treat him when he passes by the roads anywhere by expressing their happiness to see the car and allowing him to move without being searched and asked to present particulars.

He further stated that it took him a period of one year to complete work on the car saying he did everything alone including blacksmithing, painting, wiring and other things to make the car.

“I learnt car design and manufacture on YouTube. I did almost everything alone. I only engage the services of mechanics when the car gets faulty”. He uncovered.

The young inventor also indicated intention to manufacture an aero plane next time adding that he uses local tools and materials at his disposal for his inventions.

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