My desire to succeed driven by fear of poverty – Sean Dampte

Hailing from a country where 170 million of her estimated 250 million people are youths, Afro-fusion musician, Seun Oluyole, widely known as Sean Dampte, has admitted that his desire for success has been driven generally by the fear of poverty.

Not only did he mention his fear of poverty in passing but equated it to living with cancer in his just released single ‘I dey Consider’ and has determined to be rid of the malady, hence his decision to continue to work hard in his career.

The Lagos born Nigerian artiste recently promised to run for presidency in Nigeria when the time is right so he could use the public office to further help Nigeria, especially in the area of technology revolution having come from a finance and technology background.

In a chat with journalists, Dampte expressed worry about the lack of job opportunities for Nigerian youths who are now about 65% of the entire population of the country.

He is of the belief that the entertainment industry has the capacity to create an average of a million jobs in a year if the government seriously begins to consider making suitable policies that will galvanise the industry.

“On our own, we have been able to make Naija music a global brand, bigger than oil in fact. Imagine what will happen if the government puts in place the right structure.

“In America, after arms and technology, entertainment is the third biggest revenue generator. During Covid-19 lockdown, Britain supported her entertainment industry because it was the only industry working. Entertainment rules the world and Nigeria should be a global player, not local,” he said.

To help Nigerian youth, a majority of whom are into ICT and entertainment, he urged the government to provide the enabling environment so that Nigeria youths can bloom.

Eniola Alashi, the media manager added that the energy and focus Sean Dampte puts in his craft is the formula for success for any and every entrepreneur.

“Just like me, a majority of them are afraid of slipping into the poverty zone. We are all putting in a lot of hard work just to escape poverty and surely, we shall overcome “.

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