Mutfwang: Bringing Plateau back to its peak

A discussion of Roman history would be incomplete without addressing Julius Caesar, who played a pivotal role in the celebrations of today. His conquest of Gaul extended the Roman Empire, which he created from the decaying political system of Rome, and his reforms established the Roman Empire’s foundation. Within a year, Barrister Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang is rebuilding and restoring Plateau’s lost glory, much like Caesar did in Rome.

Nigeria is an ethnically diverse country, rich in ethnic diversity and diversity of culture, with over 350 ethnic nationalities and an estimated 400 languages. Government’s inconsistencies and political manipulations have previously bedeviled Plateau state, which is known as the Home of Peace and Tourism in Nigeria. As a people who value peace, the Plateau has suffered from the escalation of hatred brought about by conflicting religious and ethnic narratives. Many people both nationally and internationally admire the state because of its natural resources, rich cultural legacy, and friendly, tranquil atmosphere.

since taking up the position on May 29, 2023. Governor Mutfwang declared to the people wearing blindfolds that the abandoned Plateau project needed to be rescued and rebuilt, and that his electoral victory and subsequent victories at the Supreme Court were a divine summons. Notwithstanding the extraordinary success of former Governor Jonah Jang, his successors have not said much in this area. In the midst of the state’s raging insecurity, he arrived extremely well-prepared.

In spite of the ensuing lawsuits, Governor Mutfwang never wavered in his resolve to restore the state to its rightful position. In their loud and impassioned prayers, the Plateau people spoke out against those who sought to subvert and control the will of the people. Every Friday, prayers were held at Jos Central Mosque while worship services and song services were concurrently held in churches throughout the Plateau.This demonstrated that Mutfwang is loved by people from all walks of life, regardless of their politics, religion, or tribe. His catchphrase, “the time is now ,” has helped him gain the trust of the populace through interactions with stakeholders and community engagements.

A total of 340 energetic youths were trained, 200 trucks of fertiliser were distributed, and he provided them with modern agricultural techniques to increase food production. The agriculture sector has been the engine of the state’s economy despite challenges of insecurity. His fortitude, bravery, and tenacity are necessary to harness and skillfully manage the human and natural resources for the burgeoning new Plateau of our founding fathers’ dream.That is the rationale behind his decision to prioritise health and education as pillars of the state’s development. Apart from distribution of ambulances and fire fighting equipment to Jos Airport, the governor has secured a $500 million investment to the health sector.

Muslims and Christians coexist peacefully in Plateau state, a land rich in diversity, history, and civilisation. Because of long-standing friendships that went beyond political allegiance and sentiment, Christianity and Islam have coexisted for countless years. The public must be made aware that, contrary to what some political commentators have said, Mutfwang is not an ethnic champion. Now, he is being celebrated across religious and tribal divides by those who were politically and religiously coerced during the elections.

Mutfwang against Muslims? This was the exclusionary narrative used by political opponents to undermine his personality. It was nothing noteworthy for those with the great vision to see beyond their nose. During election campaigns, they used name calling and name swinging, whereas Mutfwang and his team concentrated on educating the public about why Plateau needs him at this critical juncture.Today, his dedication to improving the lives and well-being of the Plateau is well documented, and his name is written with a gold pen from Ungwan Rogo to Rukuba.

The inscriptions that Mutfwang is anti-Muslim are the greatest illusion ever, given his acceptance and the relationships he has built and enjoys over the years throughout the state. The same Governor Mutfwang distributed over 2000 rams during the 2023 and 2024 Eid-Kabir celebrations. In the month of Ramadan, millions of food items were distributed to Muslims to help them meet their spiritual needs. Presently, more than 540 Muslims are participating in the Hajj in Saudi Arabia in 2024 from the coffers of Plateau state government. His administration accomplished in just one year what they were unable to accomplish in eight years. Since those who have been using religion to sway votes have left them in a state of structural decay for decades, no rational Muslim would waste time listening to them.

One topic trending is how, under his leadership, all inherited and abandoned projects, regardless of where they are, are receiving necessary attention. The general road maintenance in Jos is completed, with special attention to the abandoned roads in Jan-Kwano, Bauchi road, Nassarawa, Yan-Taya, and other areas dominated by Muslims. This is in addition to several roads being constructed in the rural areas across the 17 local government areas of the state. Former Minister Solomon Dalung in an open confession via his Facebook page acknowledged Mutfwang’s gesture of constructing the road leading to his home town.

The enemies are shocked that Mutfwang is the epitome of a detribalised Nigerian, going beyond pen and paper, as a result of the ongoing renovation and remodelling of Jos Central Mosque. The delegation of the Plateau state government are always present during Friday prayers in an effort to revive the state’s once-lost reputation as the epicentre of tourism and peace. As a magic bullet to create a prosperous and peaceful Plateau for everybody, this is an attempt to replicate the Sunday prayer sessions that churches currently hold. This is aimed at returning Plateau under Gida Gida umbrella and share the shades of unity, peace and harmony his administration is working hard to rekindle.

Muslims have also received the required backing and appointments into his cabinet. He was at Lawandi Datty’s residence, the commissioner for youths and sports, over his mother’s death, and has always identified with Muslims in their times of joy and sorrow. Despite his busy schedule as governor, he was represented at Barrister Nasiru Goshi’s family home during their mother’s death and later paid them a personal visit. This was the situation when Governor Mutfwang was the local government chairman of Mangu, and these characteristics had long defined him before he joined politics.Thus, his administration’s foregoing leadership attributes are the only things that can be done to Muslims in an effort to show them love and prosperity.

He has purchased metro-tagged Gida Gida buses to reduce the cost of transport for civil servants as a hasty measure to cushion the effects of subsidy removal. After being discontinued for decades, train services are now available again in Jos. The Joint Health Workers Union (JOHESU), National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), and other health workers in the state will receive payment of the 90% Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) and 75% Hazard Allowance, according to his approval. Payments totaling N20 billion have been made for overdue pensions since 1980 to date. Progress was made with the distribution of food to those in need and palliatives of N10,000 to each civil servant and N5,000.00 each pensioner.

Prominent football players in the nation, including Mikel Obi, Ahmed Musa, Ezekiel Bala, Obinna Nsofo, Simon Moses, and many more, call Plateau state home. To promote football, he named one of them, John Mikel Obi, as his honourary sports advisor. The Mighty Jets Football Club is among the recipients of his sports generousity. He Identifies and assigns young people to important positions, and offers financial assistance to those who not appointed into any political office. For the first time since the Fourth Republic’s in 1999, everyone on the Plateau is and optimistic about the future.

He has ordered the immediate relocation of illegal occupants of government-owned facilities to alternate areas provided by the government in an effort to restore Jos’s natural beauty and allure. For example, the burned terminus has been cleared to serve as a substitute for Mr. Bigs and the disbanded traders along Ahmadu Bello Way. NTA park has been relocated to the newly commissioned Ngo Talatu Jang park along Bukuru Express way with world to earth facilities.

The goal is to restore the lovely city and lessen the fictitious traffic that these unauthorised traders have created. As the ongoing exercise does not target any tribe or religion, everyone must share responsibility for restoring the Jos master plan.In Bukuru, Jos South local government area, the well-known Kugiya Market has also been demolished. For the first time, everyone is in favour of the Mutfwang reforms. He has given the Plateau State House of Assembly free hand to function effectively as an independent law making organ of government. The state assembly is undergoing renovation and the offices are being remodeled to global best practice.

Since taking office, he has confronted insecurity head-on by sharing the suffering of the Plateau people with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Positive results have come from the Plateau government’s partnerships and collaborations with the federal government as Mobile Barracks and Nigerian Army Squadrons have been established in the frontline LGAs (Mangu and Bokkos).

Mutfwang has visited the affected victims and areas of the December unfortunate attacks in Mangu and Bokkos. Mutfwang in collaboration with the Chief of defence Staff, IGP, Chief of Army Staff, the Commandant NCSDC and the DG of SSS have increased the security deployments and surveillance in the flash points leading to the arrest of a number of culprits. Urgent relief materials were also distributed to the victims and through the efforts of the state government, some have been relocated to their communities while those left in the IDP camps will soon return home.

Plateau state is gradually experiencing peace again, thanks to his unwavering efforts. He has recalled former Governor Lalong’s last-minute employment as an example of youths serving as engines of growth and development. He has made significant investments human and capital developments.Through local and foreign direct investment, an environment that is conducive to addressing and resolving the issues associated with unemployment has been established.

The Bokkos Bejefta Fertiliser plant has been resuscitated, the ongoing Ducan Fertilizer plant at Heipang are few of the many interventions in agricultural sector. To increase agricultural output and ensure food security in the state, the Mutfwang administration has been offering security to local farmers in the impacted areas. The core values of his administration are love, kindness, and peace while promoting unity among Plateau’s diverse population.

He has inspired thousands of people to join him in supporting a greater good. Mutfwang is a well-known Nigerian lawyer whose life is dedicated to serving humanity. He has shown himself to be a leader of all, a freedom fighter, and a model of hope, much like the great leaders in history. He is fighting against outdated, collapsing beliefs and customs in an effort to elevate Plateau state. No wonder, his declaration as the winner of the March 2023 governorship election shocked the entire world.

Beyond religious and tribal tattoos, Plateau needs to rally round him in order for him to succeed.

Comrade Suleiman, a concerned citizen, writes from Jos, Plateau state via [email protected]