Murtala Laushi’s humanitarian services in Jos

The late South African President Nelson Mandela once said that, “Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation and your greatness blossom”.

Muhammad Ali was a renowned boxing champion who spent part of his life in transforming humanity having dedicated so much time, energy and resources towards improving people’s lives, reducing suffering, and recognising human dignity. Years after his death, his replica surfaced in Jos, Plateau state by name Alhaji Murtala Ahmadu Laushi whose outstanding sacrifices towards poverty reduction and promoting the well being of humanity in Jos and environ is well documented.

Laushi has the courage and conviction to make Jos and environ a better place, helping vulnerable people worldwide to advance freedom, justice and equality. As a young polo athlete, he has been donating significant percentage of his hard earned wealth in service to humanity. Just like Aliko Dangote, BUA, Toni Elumelu and Femi Otedola have mentored hundreds of millionaires in Nigeria, Murtala Ahmadu Laushi, the proprietor of Malcomines, is equally building hundreds of millionaires in Nigeria.

However, one thing is certain – his proceeds and substantial percentage of his wealth are channelled towards addressing the hardships currently being experienced in our communities. Leveraging on his fame to shine a spotlight on suffering in Jos and equally an advocate of peace as a the proprietor of Malcomines Polo to amplify the voices of those unheard, particularly youth.

There is no nook and cranny of Jos that his humanitarian services have not reached or felt owing to the fact that these good will are neither reported nor in public domain. The beneficiaries of Laushi’s philanthropy hardly hold their tears in many of his coordinated feeding centres that are currently saving lives of hundreds of underprivileged. He is a replica of Mariya Dantata who is feeding millions.

Polo, often referred to as the “sport of kings,” is a thrilling and fast-paced equestrian sport that has captivated audiences for centuries. Over the years, numerous talented players have left an indelible mark on the world of polo. Murtala Laushi is filtered to be one of the upcoming legends to modern icons in the North and the country at large being the President of Jos Polo Club. The club has a great future and will continue to impact positively on the nation’s economy, peace and stability of Nigeria.

Laushi is now a household name in the game of polo as he continues to gain wider acceptance among individuals and corporate organisations in Nigeria and abroad, considering his potential and huge investment in the Nigerian polo game. Apart from owning a world class stadium at Babale, along Bauchi -Jos road, his time (Malcomines Polo) adding to their team of two foreign professional players from Argentina.

Malcomines Polo is now the fastest growing indigenous polo team that will soon begin to compete with internationals such as Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir, Adolfo Cambiaso, Facundo Pieres of the renowned Pieres Polo dynasty, Nacho Figueras and Sapo Caset of Argentina.

Apart from improving the quality and well being of humanity across the country, many young men and women are beneficiaries of his educational interventions. He has constructed and donated orphanage homes at Popular Febuna for the homeless children to access quality education and gain Islamic knowledge. He has constructed and donated a word class Women Islamic Centre at Jos Central Mosque and has been sponsoring a number of Tafsir, contributing to annual Qur’anic recitation competition and annual Maulud and countless Muslims have been sponsored to the holy land for Umrah and Hajj repeatedly.

The glare of this narration is his virtue of simplicity. His best wishes and prayers from the North to the South, East to the West of the country are a testament that Laushi is, indeed, a bridge builder, a peace maker and one who is passionate about the peace and unity of Nigeria and Plateau state in particular. He is widely accepted and celebrated by friends and brothers that we are.

He carries himself with uncommon patriotism and always ready to reach out to people no matter their backgrounds and tribal inclinations. Often, he would insist that Nigerians must love themselves despite our different “tongues and tribes”, because, in his view, we are better off as a united entity than a fractured people. His businesses and interactions are result oriented rather than carved around religious and tribal tattoos.This is what makes him a Nigerian with unique qualities and fascinating traits like late Tafawa Balewa, Zik and Sardauna.

Having established briefly his commitment and outstanding sacrifices towards improving the lives and well being of the teeming vulnerable. He is a young man highly energetic and has traversed the world to reconnect and gain more partnerships. He is currently the highest employer of labour in the city of Jos as countless youths depend on his company (Malcomines) to feed hundreds of their families.

He is a man of peace who has employed and is still extending his hand of friendship to all beyond the lines of either tribe or ethnicity as well as religious identity. He is one out of many on the Plateau that the Governor Caleb Mutfwang government of Plateau state should embrace in rebuilding the state as a business hub in the North-central zone and Nigeria at large. The mining sector is a driving force, employing millions across the country. It is, therefore my wish that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu considers Alhaji Murtala Ahmadu Laushi as one of his advisors and subsequently Minister of Mines to revive the sector.

Let me conclude that I have only penned down few of his numerous documented achievements, sacrifices and performance in supporting the poor and even the rich at their time of need. It is by these remarkable achievements of this noble gentleman that, I am pleading with Ajah of Anaguta to reward him with a traditional title for his endless role in the promotion of peace and unity on the Plateau and the country in general.

Babangida Maiwada Abdulkadir,
Jos, Plateau state