Mothers Day: Anglican Bishop warns mothers against abandoning homes

The Bishop of Kaduna Diocese Anglican Communion, Rt. Reverend Timothy Yahaya has warned mothers not to abandon their homes because of disappointments.
Speaking in Kaduna on Sunday during the Mothering Sunday Service to commemorate Mothers Day held at Church of Transfiguration Fari Gida in Chikun local government area of Kaduna state, the Bishop warned mothers against dereliction of duty.

According to Bishop Yahaya, while it was good for women to aspire for higher position in government and private sectors, they should not forget that their primary responsibility is in the house.
The clergy further stated that women were very important in production because every human being was born by woman.
He said good mothering means good society, while expressing dismay that the responsibility of motherhood gradually was being eroded.

“Because of bad attitudes exhibited by most mothers today, the country now withness more cases of teenage killers, drugs addicts and others criminals. Mothers should know that they are the first teachers to their children, the first car that carried them around and their first protectors.
“I advised every mothers to be the part of the creations God design them to be. The government should also encourage women to be the good mothers that will contribute positively to the society,” he urged. 

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