Ministry pledges to strengthen health system

The Federal Ministry of Health has pledged to strengthen the health system in Nigeria.

Representative from the Ministry of Health, Deputy Director/Head, Health System Strengthen Department of Health Planning Research and Statistics, Dr Nwakaego Chukwukaodinake, said the ministry is looking for a way to stop brain drain.

She said Thursday at a stakeholders meeting in Abuja that

statistics of WHO indicates that Nigeria is 6th country exporting health care workers outside the Africa countries.

She added that more resources are needed for health care services delivery in Nigeria.

“We need to increase the number of primary health care centres, and make sure that we improve secondary and tertiary service infrastructure and power supply to the hospitals across the country.

Also speaking, Health Policy Research Group, Prof. Obinna Onwukjewe, said the issue of health worker migration is a topical issue in Nigeria and Africa because we need the health workforce to deliver services and do other things within the health sector.

“If they are migrating, especially the well trained ones or experts, there is a problem with the delivery of health services,” he stated.

Pro. Onwukjewe added that one of the major reasons of universal health coverage is services delivery and if you have health workers and they are leaving, it means we cannot achieve the universal health coverage and the health of the citizens will suffer.

Also speaking, WHO representative and the coordinator, Integrated African Health Observatory, Dr. Serge Bataliack, said the study by many countries and projection by WHO reveals that by 2030, Africa will be having a gap of 6.1 million health workers and we are expecting to have 11.8 million health workers.