Minimum wage: Group chides NLC over  selective negotiations with FG

The Peoples Petition Writers Association of NIGERIA (PPWAN) has described as lopsided and selective the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) negotiations  with the federal government on the minimum wage.

In a statement on Monday, PPWAN president, Prince Elias Odoemena, accused the NLC of “refusing to carry all Nigerian workers along but negotiated for less than four million public and few factory workers, leaving out the majority of Nigerians in private media industries as well as other factory workers in the country”. 

The statement read further, “The problem of Nigerian workers is not minimum wages but finding a way to agree with the federal government on reduction of prices of petroleum products, reduction of electricity bill, thereby making sure that the government cancelled the licence of the power generation companies with a view to giving them to more qualified companies ready to do business with Nigeria.”

Prince Odoemena stressed, “NLC also failed to consider over 50 million Nigerians who are hair dressers and barbers, electricians, and other artisans who are the most affected by the current hardship in the country.”

“The selective nature of NLC negotiations made them not to talk about Nigerian Military, Nigerian Police, Paramilitary and Nigeria journalists who protect and secure them in many of their outings.” 

He urged the NLC to fight for the resuscitation of numerous comatose factories in the country with a view to productively engaging many unemployed youth.