Mike Tyson swims in another rape scandal

Mike Tyson already did time in prison after he was found fguilty of rape back in 1992, he was sentenced to six years but was released in 1995 for good hebavior.

Tyson has struggled with guilt and remorse for the actions he committed back then, but the story seems to continue. Another rape victim is suing Mike Tyson for allegedly raping her at a popular Albany night club in 1990.

The victim alleges extreme emotional and psychological distress over the years. This all happened at around the same time beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington revealed Tyson raped her. Mike has always maintined his innocence from that case in which he did prison time.

The legal action in the upstate New York area was filed under the state’s recently-adopted Adult Survivors Act that offers sexual assault victims a one-year time space to file lawsuits that took place years or even decades ago.

The victim’s identity remains a secret but she detailed how Tyson ran into her at a local night club called ‘Septembers’.

She later got into Mike’s limo after the boxer offered to pick up one of her friends and take both of them to a party. This victim claims Mike Tyson quickly started groping her and kissing her.

Inside the document, it is not revealed whether Mike Tyson was on his own or if the limo driver was present when the raping was taking place.

There is also no more details into what happened but this opens an opportunity for a witness to what happened to be part of this investigation.

This woman wants to keep her anonymity because any indication of her identity would pose a risk of further mental harm, harassment, ridicule or personal embarrassment. Mike Tyson’s reps still haven’t made any public statements about these accusations.


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