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At Expo’ 2017, Master Meshack Omini said “I ‘ll strive to come out as one of the best Nigerian children till my work is known and appreciated”, BINTA SHAMA reports
What have you been up to since the last time we discussed?
If I can recall, I was 14years and in SS2 when we discussed my work then but I am glad to tell the world that I am a bit older, wiser, and having a better version of my work today that was presented back then.
Comparing my former work to this, I will say I have come out with a better version of my work in terms of some strategic points. The car is bigger with lights both in front and at the back of the vehicle, with doors that you can open, comfortable seats, windows, windscreen like that of a real car. The beautiful part of my invention is that it works with battery and can move for as far as 1hour which little kids may enjoy car race non-stop. But I hope to do better by providing a wireless car.

Looking at this masterpiece, do you have an idea what it is worth?
Hmmmm, based on logistics I will say less than a thousand five hundred naira. I say this because all in all I have spent N900 to couple this car alongside the scraps I used to get it to this stage. And comparing its market value, it’s alot cheaper in the sense that, the one in the market will go for at least N2500 which will not be as big as this one in my hand.

How has your work affected your studies?
Well, it has been a means of focus to me. I have never been distracted, rather, I find myself working harder to do better in order to earn my own self income to come out a better inventor. This has always been my dream since I was a child ,to see our own made cars used on the streets and roads of Nigeria and also around the world. I hope and pray that this becomes a reality in my life soon.

Why did you choose to go for invention rather than football?
Wow… really I am a lover of football but my heart goes all out to creativity of the mind. I love research activities, especially when I come out with a positive result from my findings. I love to watch football and discuss it, I even play it. But invention or innovation is my passion.
Have you been to any workshop or meetings as in regards to this?
Well, so far I have not been invited for any function related to this either by the government or the private sector. My ears are on the ground though for any exhibition of talents in the area of innovation and hoping to showcase my work and I know that by so doing, my work may be seen and supported to the next level.
How have you been able to sell your work?
I haven’t sold my work to anyone yet apart from my family and friends that have shown interests and supported my work. Encouraging me to keep up the good job. But I hope to advertise my work at every given opportunity that comes my way.

What have your parents done so far to support this creativity?
They have been supportive financially, in prayers and encouraging words. The money they give me to get the parts for my invention may seem small before others but I appreciate it a great deal because I know if they can support me in my little beginning then I am sure they will do far much more when I come up with a greater idea. My mum being a public figure gives me hope that she will ride in my work with all pride and joy soon.

Your last word
Yes of course. I was moved by the words of the Minister of Science and technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu that, “Not being accredited with excellence or an award at the Expo should not make you stop here rather fight to the finish till you achieve your goal”.
I will strive to come out as one of the best Nigerian child till my work is known and appreciated not only in Nigeria but across the borders of this country. I want every Nigrian youngster with such talent to come out and showcase God’ own gift in our lives so that we can have a better Nigeria that we all can be proud of. Thank you and God bless.

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