Matawalle’s desperation for re-election led him to APC, Rep member blasts governor

A serving House of Representatives member, Hon. Teejay Yusuf, has said that Zamfara state governor, Alhaji Bello Matawalle joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) in desperation for reelection in 2023.

Governor Matawalle dumped the PDP for APC on Tuesday.

But reacting to the development on Wednesday through a statement he personally signed, Hon. Yusuf said Mutawalle’s secret alliance with the APC has been known to some PDP leaders since February, 2020 but was only making himself available as a mere pawn on APC’s 2023 chessboard.

Hon. Yusuf, representing Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency of Kogi state in the House of Representatives said that it is in the PDP’s interest that highly-placed members with suspicious loyalty should take their exit and enable PDP to sort out itself before the next election.

“Water will always find its level; it is sad that after being elevated into governorship, Mutawalle is now a mere pawn running helter-skelter in desperate pursuit of a return ticket he’s hardly qualified for with his very dim performance and the outrageous explosion of insecurity under his watch.

“As a matter of fact, he is one governor about whom no serious political party could have been proud of, in any way; in infrastructiral development, human capital development, security for his people and many other indices, it is a haul of failed grades all the way!

“It is only a desperate political party that can be desperate for such a desperate man who is in a desperate situation politically and otherwise; let them go with him while we prepare a more serious person for his position in the next election.

“After all the utopian promises of 2014, APC has foisted decadence in all sectors yet, you can see the number of governors and Federal officials who dropped their statutory responsibilities for a frivolous trip to welcome a thoroughly underwhelming performer”, he stated.

According to Honourable Teejay Yusuf, politicians like Governor Bello Mutawalle need to try see a bit further beyond their nose so that they won’t completely jeopardise their people’s future along with theirs.

“I assure you that having bitten the hands that fed him and brought him to that position, he clearly runs the risk of becoming an orphaned political has-been by the end of 2023.

“How does a man raised so high by our party chose to be a pawn instead? Our findings are that intense intrigues within his new party includes an agenda to neutralize a former governor of Zamfara state and stop his aspiration lead their party so that one of the APC governors in the North West can become a strong Vice President for a weak President from the South in 2023,” Honourable Teejay Yusuf said.

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